Tuesday, November 22, 2016

President-elect _____’s Many ... Many Conflicts of Interest

You wanted him, now you got him ... and if you think for one second he’ll be working to help you out, Middle America, think again.

The Donald _____ presidency is littered with conflicts of interest that will no doubt go unchecked by the GOP-controlled Congress, especially since they’ll be busy doing mostly nothing except continuing to investigate Hillary Clinton for her ALLEGED conflicts.

No matter then that _____’s conflicts of interest range from small matters like his investment in the Dakota Pipeline ... 

Donald _____ is a small investor in Energy Transfer Partners—one of the business interests behind the Dakota Access Pipeline—and the decision on the pipeline could be made by ... yes, president Donald _____. And does anyone, even those of you stupid enough to vote for him, think that Donald ____ will rule against an investment that will make private citizen _____ more money?

And then there’s the Bank of China, which has a financial interest in at least two of _____’s large real estate properties. Candidate _____ campaigned on the promise that he’d consider trade sanctions on China in an effort to promote American business interests but if he does that those Bank of China loans to his business interests might be negatively affected. Again, does anyone think that President _____ will do anything to negatively affect the wealth of private citizen _____?

I hope not because 59 million of you voted for him.

Oh sure, the media might investigate, but they have proven over the course of the campaign to not investigate too much into _____ and his dealings.

And remember _____’s rallies, where he riled up the crowd about Crooked Hillary and lead them in shouts of “Lock her up”? Funny, then, that the very things he accused Secretary Clinton of doing are the very things he can, and will, do for himself from the Oval Office.

And he’ll have his rabid little lapdog Rudy Giuliani by his side to continue the blasting of Clinton even though, as of now, she’s basically returned to a life of privacy.

Isn’t it ironic that Giuliani, who never missed a chance to foam at the mouth in front of a TV camera and demand that Clinton be prosecuted, who might become Secretary of State, has his own conflicts of interest that should be investigated but probably won’t be.

Giuliani has business contracts with the government of Qatar as well as the Canadian company behind the Keystone XL pipeline and paid speeches to groups with financial interests in countries that he would deal with as secretary of State.

Odd, because those are the very things they accused Clinton of while campaigning, but I guess for the GOP it doesn’t really make a difference because these are rich white men using the government to enrich their own lives at the expense of the country and of the very people who stupidly sent them into Washington in the first place.

So how do we fix this? Well, start by getting involved in politics; raise your voice; demand that _____ and his Cabinet of Deplorables be held accountable; demand that the media investigate any improprieties in the _____ White House; demand that something be done by voting out the GOP-controlled House and Senate, who you just know will do nothing to check _____ and his cohorts, and replace them with people who will work for you, rather than for themselves and against you.


GLBTQ Jamaica said...

good one

the dogs' mother said...

(((do we start an impeachment pool?)))

Mitchell is Moving said...

Sending groans and anger from Spain! I'm with you all the way.

Helen Lashbrook said...

One of the problems as I see it is that both sides seem to have been involved in chicanery, which makes it difficult for the Clintons to play the holier than thou card. The honour for that should go to Obama, unless he is planning to enrich himself the way the Clintons did and many of our Prime Minsters too, look at Tony B Liar; he's a multi-millionaire now too.

But the Strumpet must divest himself of his assets and his kids should be kept away from them too.