Monday, November 14, 2016

My Two Cents: President-elect _____ Steps To The Left ...

I didn't watch President-elect _____ on Sixty Minutes last night because the sound of his voice, that orange and pink skin, that dead muskrat on his head and those wee hands are disconcerting but ...

During his campaign he said on day one he would deport every single undocumented immigrant and now he's walking that back.

During his campaign he called Secretary Clinton "crooked" and said he would have her prosecuted and now he's walking that back.

During his campaign he said he would instantly repeal and replace Obamacare and now he's walking that back.

During his campaign he said President Obama was a disaster and now he's walking that back by suggesting he will ask Obama for counsel.

During his campaign he said he would appoint Supreme Court justices to overturn same-sex marriage and now he's walking that back.

During his campaign he said he was going to build a "great" border wall and have Mexico pay for it and now he's walking that back by saying maybe there's be a fence in most spots and maybe a wall in others.

So, those of you who voted for him based on his anti-Obama, anti-Obamacare,anti-Clinton, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT stances must feel oh so special now that he's walking it all back.

Those of you who choice to elect hate ... and let's be clear the rise in Hate Crimes and hate vandalism is not so surprising because when you elect a hater you embolden haters ... must be feeling kinda oopsy about now.

Still, do I think President ____ is going to continue his Time Warp with more "jumps to the left"? No, but I do believe he'll settle somewhere in the middle because he knows he needs to appease more than the lunatic fringe now since those of us in the center, the center left and the left are going to mobilize and if the GOP doesn't impeach him first we'll have the honor of making him a one-term footnote.


the dogs' mother said...

Maybe his voters could walk back their vote?

Debbie said...

Did you see him after his meeting with Obama? He looked scared shitless. My take ... he is going to do something, say something, or Wikileaks will expose something and he'll be impeached. He can't control himself. He was already tweeting about the NY times losing readers because they're "being mean to him" ... GOOD GOD.
I am still depressed over this. I have never EVER felt this way about a president elect.

Dave R said...

I think we should be more worried about him trying to bequeath the Presidency to one of his sons, that is what dictators do.

Raybeard said...

I'm always wondering why does there have to be such a gap between an American Presidential election and he/(she?) taking office. I think it must be longer than for any other democracy. I can't think of another like it. (As I've said before, after a British General Election, if there's to be a new Prime minister, he/she start governing the very next day!) Not that I'm panting for D.T. to start implementing his (ahem!) 'plans', but rather that if it's going to be done at all why can't the pain be got over with as soon as possible so that things can move on, instead of having this cursed, interminable hiatus?

Mitchell is Moving said...

I still can't say the entire name either... But I do believe most of his followers will regret this, although for different reasons, right along with the rest of us.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Trust me, the GOP will NOT impeach President Trump as long as there is the slightest chance he will do what they want i.e. remove the rights of all who are not white evangelical heterosexual rich males. Anyone who does not fit in that category can pay taxes, work hard for little money and lose all rights that have been carefully garnered over the years.