Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: House in Tuxedo Park

Technically, this is the McCann Residence, but since it’s located in Tuxedo Park I will call it Tuxedo Park; there’s just something about the name ‘Tuxedo’ that makes me smile.

The home is located on a former hunting-and-fishing preserve and is surrounded by three glacial lakes; also in the area are a number of estates designed by prominent architects at the turn of the 19th century … this is not one of those.

The house sits in a dense forest amid two massive granite escarpments and surrounded by a series of retaining walls of granite stone quarried on site that echo the historic stone walls prevalent throughout Tuxedo Park.

Also, unlike those centuries-old homes, this house celebrates the extreme topography by creating three enclosed living levels and a sequence of outdoor terraces organized in an ascending route.

The lower level includes a garden room and exterior entry courtyard; by way of an exterior stepped ramp one can rise to the main entry level, which includes a foyer, library, and guest bedroom; from there a double-height stair hall connects the main level to the upper garden level — a loft-like glass pavilion with views of Tuxedo — there’s that word again — Lake. This upper level also features the living room, kitchen and dining room, along with the master bedroom. Outside the terraced gardens create open-air “rooms” defined by the curve of the house and the huge granite outcropping.

And that’s what I love; the very modern house set among eons old stones in an ancient forest; it’s like the best of both worlds, old, very old, and new, very new.

Plus, you know, Tuxedo.



mistress maddie said...

Usually I don't care for such a modern interior, but I absolutely love this one, and I agree about the stone exterior. Gives it a warm touch. Could see taking a spell on the bed looking at those breathtaking views of foliage too.

the dogs' mother said...

Very purtiful setting. And the name, well, perfect. :-)

Mitchell is Moving said...

I love the design, space, and light. The furniture is very arty but doesn't look very comfy or inviting. I guess I'll have to get all new before I move in.

Fearsome Beard said...

I likey.