Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ivanka Becomes The First ____ To Try To Make Money Off The Election

The man isn’t even in office yet and he, well, his “Special Girl,” and daughter, Ivanka, is attempting to cash in already.

After appearing alongside Daddy _____—sharing a sofa with him and his wife while his other children sat in the background—Ivanka _____ and her company, Ivanka ____ Fine Jewelry began promoting sales of a $10,000 bracelet that she wore during that "60 Minutes" interview.

A "style alert" was sent to journalists by Monica Marder, vice president of sales for Ivanka _____ Fine Jewelry promoting Ivanka’s "favorite bangle from the Metropolis Collection" on the CBS News show and urging recipients to share the news “with your clients.”

The bracelet costs $8,800 to $10,800. 

Yes, cash in on the presidency; turn the White House into a jewelry showroom to make a buck because that’s what that family is about: self-promotion and making coins.

When _____ and her company were accused of trying to make money off the election results through the interview, Abigail Klem, president of the company, said  the “style alert” was “sent by a well-intentioned marketing employee at one of our companies who was following customary protocol, and who, like many of us, is still making adjustments post-election."

Making adjustments? Seriously; this is the same Ivanka ____ who Tweeted a photo of herself speaking at the RNC to sell the outfit that she wore onstage.

Klem would not comment on whether or not Ivanka was aware that the email went out in the first place.

Uh huh. And with a straight face—and how could it not be straight when it’s ALLEGEDLY lined with Botox—during that same interview Ivanka insisted that the Trump brand wasn't a priority:
"I don't think it matters. This is so much more important. And more serious …That's the focus."
Again ... uh huh.

But this kerfuffle about a bracelet being marketed during a presidential interview just underscores the many, many, conflicts of interest facing a _____ White House ...
The Emoluments clause
While Trump wouldn't have any legal obligation to sell or step away from his business interests under the Ethics in Government Act, he could face legal issues under the Emoluments clause in the Constitution, which dates back to 1787. That clause has been interpreted by the Department of Justice as banning government officials from accepting any kind of gift from a foreign entity like, for example ... a corporation owned by a foreign company that puts the _____ name on a building; that would be considered a gift and, if _____ accepts it, that could be grounds for impeachment.
And we all know how much he loves seeing his name on things.
The blind trust
President-elect _____ has said his business holdings will be placed into a blind trust with his oldest three children in charge but, as critics point out, a trust cannot be blind if you know who's running it and what assets it includes.
His Washington, DC hotel
Donald _____ recently opened a new hotel in the Old Post Office building in DC; a building owned by the federal government and leased to the _____ Organization. But the General Services Administration — which _____ is now in charge of—is in charge of the lease; yes, he’s the boss of the department that’s in charge of his lease, so what happens if there's a dispute? You think _____ will settle this in any way that isn’t in his favor?
It’s the same pay-to-play bull shiz he accused Hillary Clinton of, but, hey, if he’s making money, and his kids are making money, who cares if he breaks the law?


mistress maddie said...

Well being in the retail and fashion sector, her sales of handbags and shoes have plummeted, and our competitor Nordstrom is taking deep heat from the clientele to dump the brand. We have any letters that I know of, but we did dump the handbags,already. Plus as your aware.....ITS MADE IN CHINA!!!!!

the dogs' mother said...

And the bracelet... where is it made?
"And virtually all of his daughter Ivanka Trump’s extensive clothing and accessory line for women is made outside the U.S., with many items manufactured in China."

Professor Chaos said...

All right wing politics is a grift, especially the Trump campaign. He had no intention of winning. He wanted to get close then be able to blame the RNC or someone for stabbing him in the back and launch his grievance-based cable channel.
Now that he accidentally won, they gotta figure out a way to monetize this.

Blobby said...

Oh honey - she ain't the first to make money off this election. I don't even think she's the first one in this family to make bank off this election.

Helen Lashbrook said...

It's obviously okay for the right wing to make money off the presidency but not the left; do as I say not as I do!

Princess said...

What? People didn't think this shit wouldn't happen once once Daddy got to pull all the strings from the Goldmine?