Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Musings

It’s not my birthday … it’s not our anniversary. But I just read that the “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond was sold for a record-breaking $57.5 million and I will say this: it matches my eyes and Carlos did leave the house with the checkbook so ….

Fingers crossed.
Have you seen those commercials where the new SUVs have a deal where you wiggle your foot under the rear bumper and the hatchback opens automatically because you’re too lazy to take out your keys and use your hands?

I.Loathe.That.Ad. And that car.

Then there’s this … an ad on TV last night where a woman is melon-balling a watermelon — let’s not get into the sexual double-entendre there —and her husband calls from the store; he’s doing the groceries and wants to know if they need eggs.

The wife is too busy balling to look in the fridge so she tells him to, ahem, “check his phone” ... because their new fridge has a camera inside that you can access from your phone when your wife is too effing lazy to look in the fridge herself.

Seriously. We are getting way too lazy. I say this as I voice type and use the remote to change the TV channel and check the pot roast in the oven while the Roomba vacuums and Tuxedo washes the cars.
Carlos and I are having our Semi-Annual Sometimes Cinco de Never bash next weekend and we are in the planning and preparation stages as the date draws near.

We opted to forgo a fancy dessert and instead are going to do Mexican brownies — they are made while a hint of cayenne pepper — and lemon bars and cookies and finger-ish type desserts.

Last Monday Carlos announced he would be making the brownies that night.

I said, “You wanna make a dessert tonight  for a party we’re having in twelve days?

“We don’t have much time.”

Twelve.Days. And this from Carlos the Procrastinator who, when we had a new light fixture installed in the kitchen ceiling announced he would repaint the ceiling and then took, wait for it, it’s rich, five years to do it!

Oy, I love that man, goddess help me.
Speaking or Mexico … last week Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto called for the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide.

Yes, heavily Catholic Mexico is moving forward with equality!
In other Good News, Itzhak Perlman has also Springsteen’d North Carolina by becoming the latest to cancel a performance in the state over their Bathroom Bill:
“As my fans know, I have spent a lifetime advocating against discrimination towards those with physical disabilities and have been a vocal advocate for treating all people equally. As such, it is only after much deliberation that I have decided to cancel tomorrow’s concert in North Carolina as a stand against House Bill 2.”
Bravo, Mr. Perlman!
In other … yes, other as in more … good news, Eric Fanning has finally been confirmed by the Senate as the first openly gay Secretary of the Army.

Fanning had served as Acting Secretary while his confirmation was being held up by the, you guessed it, Republicans in the Senate.

Seriously, the GOP is about twenty steps behind the rest of the world.
Yassssss! Bob the Drag Queen won RuPaul’s Drag Race this season and I was thrilled.

I loved his lip sync and his humor and his whole aesthetic but ….

I will say that when last year’s winner, Violet Chachki, stepped onstage to crown Bob, her drag nearly blew the roof off the auditorium and had me leaping from my chair.

Her picture is now in the dictionary under “fierce.”

Melania Trump is speaking again and she wants you all to know that she knows, ahem, that …
“We know the truth. He’s not Hitler.”
Yes, Melania is worried that people might think The Rump is Hitler.

Meanwhile, Hitler is sitting in Hell, waiting for his future bridge partners Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, demanding that we stop comparing him to Rump.
We started watching a WGN show called ‘Underground,’ a story of the slaves using the underground Railroad to escape to freedom.

It’s kinda hard to watch at times, listening to the use of the n-word and the way in which people treated other people, based on their skin color but …

I found some hot in the show, in, from left to right, Reed Diamond, who plays a slave owner, Aldis Hodge, who plays a slave trying to escape, and Mark Blucas, as an abolitionist.

So far the story is very, very good, and the men very easy on the eyes.


the dogs' mother said...

Yeah, for Bob the Drag Queen!
And the brownies sound yummy.

anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ for mr. perlman! and I would LOVE to see that ring on your finger, bob!

mistress maddie said...

Yes...... Violet stole that whole show ,dare I say even from the queen herself, RuPaul with The Gown. If you like that Bob you and Carlos should come see Night of A Thousand Gowns in NYC sometime. You'd wet yourself.

Bob Slatten said...

I'd love to see that!

Professor Chaos said...

The strongest endorsement anyone can come up with for Trump: he's not Hitler! Plus, everyone knows he's Mussolini.

Professor Chaos said...

The strongest endorsement anyone can come up with for Trump: he's not Hitler! Plus, everyone knows he's Mussolini.

Fearsome Beard said...

Needless to say that 'Cayenne Pepper' is not what came to mind when you wrote 'Mexican Brownies'.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Cayenne pepper in brownies is a surprisingly delicious addition. Thanks for all the great other bits.

And I loved the "Overheard at home," but I think you're confused. You said Carlos, but I'm sure you meant San Geraldo! Definitely brothers from another mother!