Thursday, May 05, 2016

AFA Stands For Asshatted F**king Asshats

Republicans, conservatives, the wacknut Christians, the American Family Association [AFA] and even failed presidential contender Ted Cruz, have resorted to fear tactics, and outright lies, to fight Target’s transgender-inclusive policy is saying that the ladies room is a dangerous place for children because … men in dresses.

And they have proven that to be true, and in a desperate attempt to prove their lies, the AFA has been sending men into the ladies’ rooms at Target to, ahem “test the policy.”

Yesterday on Breitbart News Daily, host Stephen Bannon interviewed AFA spokesbigot Sandy Rios and said that Target is “trying to exclude people who are decent, hard-working people who don’t want their four-year-old daughter to have to go into a bathroom with a guy with a beard in a dress,” to which Rios replied:
“I think there’s no question that when you say that there are no barriers in the bathroom and that if men or women feel like they are men or women, the opposition of however they are equipped, and you have no restrictions, the net effect will be that people will not be stopped. We’ve already had people testing this, going into Targets and men trying to go into bathrooms. There is absolutely no barrier.”
So, let’s get this queer:

The AFA says if we allow transgender people to use the bathroom that suits their gender identity then men will say they feel like women and use the ladies room to molest young girls, and to prove their point the AFA sent men into ladies rooms inside Target stores.

All fo that has me wondering who is the biggest threat to the safety of our children? The trans woman who just wants to pee, or the AFA-influenced and supported man who is given a free pass into the women’s bathroom?

And so I ask, how will the AFA help all those traumatized women and children who happened to be in the ladies room when the AFA sent their experiment inside? And they think trans people are a danger.


Helen Lashbrook said...

These people are certifiably insane, determined to ruin the lives of people who need support not witch hunts

the dogs' mother said...

Come in, big, hairy man in a dress. a) we will all laugh b) then we will all scream (with laughter)c)we will all whack you with our purses and (remember Laugh In?) then you can crawl back out.

mistress maddie said...

They are relentless!!! If a trans woman walks in who is already through the whole process, I bet they wouldn't even know. They need to stop this mongering and actually do something like help the needy.

Michael Dodd said...

Sadly, these people are thrashing about in the death throes of their own hatred and hurting innocent bystanders in the process. I would like to believe that their hatred will die, but I imagine it will simply find another target and vent itself loudly and destructively with the support of political groups who are happy to manipulate people for their own profit.

I have taken to going shopping at different Target stores in our area and stopping each time at the Customer Service counter to tell them I am aware of the foolishness and that I have chosen to shop there precisely because of the enlightened company policy. They need to hear from reasonable people, not just the wingnuts. Go in, buy a greeting card to send to someone you know who needs cheering up, and tell the Target people thanks for being decent human beings.

Robb Delman said...

James Norton!! Oh my Yes !
You owe it to yourself to find "Happy Valley" if you want to see an actor with R-A-N-G-E. I found it almost impossible that they were the same person.

anne marie in philly said...

GOP = asshats for all eternity!

Biki Honko said...

The bathroom bill insanity makes me wanna hurl, all over the AFA.