Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Today In Christian Love: Women Who Have Sex Before Marriage Are 'Filthy Dishrags'

At Lancaster Baptist Church in California, one of those mega-churches — because a sign that you truly love God is to attend services with 5,000 devotees — Pastor Paul Chappell decided to tackle the issue of premarital sex, asking:
"One wonders, whatever happened to purity?"
Interesting topic, I thought, though clearly a topic more suited to America circa 1957 than America in 2014, but, you know, whatever. But then the not-so-good pastor went a step further, and wondered about the women who engage in premarital sex, calling the “filthy dishrags.”
"Whatever happened to that? Whatever happened to the days when girls said, 'I'm not going to be touched by every guy? I'm not going to walk down the aisle like a filthy dishrag on my wedding day.' Whatever happened to that day?"
I kina wondered what he thought about men who engaged in premarital sex. I imagine, Chappell thinks they’re real men, high fiving one another because they just boned their girlfriend or something. But Chappell doesn’t seem to realize that the women he calls filthy dishrags are having sex with men, so why no name-calling for the masculine gender?
He says his rant, and name-calling, was spurred on by criticism of his church's purity pledge:
“There is a standard in this church that the dresses are going to come down to the knee when a lady stands up here. They call me old-fashioned ... I’ve counseled too many men to know that if we don’t have everything covered just right they’re not going to be thinking about wonderful grace and Jesus.”
And some men in the crowd actually shouted "amen" to that, though I wonder how many filthy dishrags those men had gotten into during their lives. Before their wedding day; heck, maybe some of these men even married the filthy dishrag though why one would ever buy the cow … yada yada yada.

Chappell also ranted about the way women dress, especially at wedding and funerals:
“I get so sick and tired of going to weddings and, it’s the bride’s day, and here’s some Jezebel with hardly any clothes on strutting around the wedding, Look – you come to a wedding around here, show some respect to the bride. You go to a funeral ... women do the exact same thing. You come to the house of God, it ought not to be a flesh show!”
But Pastor, how are the men in your congregation ever gonna find that good woman if they don’t go through a Baker’s Dozen or so of those half-dressed filthy dishrags shaking their groove thangs on the dance floor at a wedding; or, I would imagine, bending over provocatively at the buffet after the funeral.

Pastor Chappell needs to wake up and quit shaming women for premarital sex because, as I said, unless these women are having battery-operated sex, or having girl-on-girl sex, then there are an awful  lot of men out there dirtying up the dishrags without fear of reprisal from Chappell's pulpit.
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mrs.missalaineus said...

so being gay keeps more women from being filthy dishrags???


Mark in DE said...

I think rants/beliefs like this are why many "thinking people" want nothing to do with organized religions. There is a big difference between encouraging people to dress appropriately when in a church and calling them filthy dishrags.

In a few months it will probably be revealed that this pastor's teenage daughter had an abortion.

the dogs' mother said...

Well!! My!!! Skirt length!!! Next stop - burkas!

mistress maddie said...

Wait, just because I'm having sex and not married, now I'm a dirty dish rag? I've been called worst.

anne marie in philly said...

he's probably a bottom on the down low...

although I do agree with him about dressing a bit for a wedding or a funeral; I certainly don't wanna see tits and booty everywhere (think kim kartrashian).

but yeah, it's ALWAYS the woman's fault yadda yadda yadda. I call BULLSHIT!

Helen Lashbrook said...

So Pastor Chappell would like women to wear burquas to avoid enflaming the men of Lancaster County?

Biki Honko said...

Last week at the library, I saw a lady, who was the product of this sort of thinking. She was in a burka, with only her eyes showing and GLOVES! And in some countries they have outlawed the ability to see a woman's eyes, because ya know they can drive a man into a sexual frenzy.

Why is it the more religious a man is the more he feels the need to repress women, both in their attire and the freedom they are allowed.

I just dont get it.