Thursday, November 06, 2014

Random Musings

The house next to Casa Bob y Carlos finally sold this week, and I think the new owners will be moving in soon, so I will be asking Carlos, and myself, to tone down our yelling; well, it’s really mock yelling, but to the neighbor’s it might seem, um, not so much.

I have been fighting a cold this week, and as happens, Carlos, who I must remind you all, is not a doctor, tells me I need to drink Hot Tea all the time.

I tell him, and, again, reminder, I am not a doctor, that I prefer to drink Not Hot Drinks. Carlos gives a dissertation on Hot Beverages and I quickly remind him that any doctor will tell you, cold or flu, to gets lots of sleep and drink lots of liquids … with no mention of a specific temperature of that said liquid.

As Carlos was leaving the house this morning, and as I was returning to my boudoir and the warm comfort of my bed, he began “mock” shouting Hot Tea! Hot Tea!

And I began “mock” shrieking, even with my bad throat, You’re not a doctor! Stop talking!! STOP TALKKING!!!!!

Welcome to the neighborhood, newbies!
Man alive, those Russians really hate The Gays, and anything even Gay Adjacent!

It seems the residents of Saint Petersburg have reportedly torn down a giant interactive iPhone memorial that commemorated the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs because Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, came out as gay. And the chairman of the company that installed the memorial said that it might return with a message that instructs Russians not to buy Apple products.

Yup, tell down a memorial to one man, because another man in the company is a ‘mo.

St. Petersburg better be careful, because with that attitude they might be tearing down the entire town one day.
Did y’all see blowhard Chris Christie going off on the man who dared interrupt him as he was speaking? The man, a constituent of Christie’s, and a man who survived Hurricane Sandy, though he’s still waiting for money to come through that he needs to rebuild his home, simply wanted the Governor to answer some questions.

Christie’s response? “Sit down and shut up."

Remember that when the Fat man runs for office because that’s how he’ll react to any question he doesn’t like.

It’s not presidential, it’s thuggish and bullying and condescending. If anyone needs to sit down and shut up it’s Chris Christie.
So Taylor Swift turned her back on Country music to be a Pop Star? Well, I’d say that Pop’s loss and Country’s gain. And she hightailed it right outta Nashville for New York City where she was named NYC’s Global Ambassador after living there all of half an hour.

So, what does Taylor Swift do? Well, she donated the proceeds of her new song “Welcome to New York” to charity and then she set up her world tour to promote her latest album.

She’ll be playing everywhere except New York City.

Seriously, the girl is a moron. I mean, she’s playing in Jersey so I guess she thinks that’s good enough? It isn’t.
After last Tuesday’s election, Senator Wack Nut, er, Rand Paul created a series of Facebook posts showing every losing Democrat endorsed by Hillary Clinton.

And you thought this was all Obama's fault? Nope, cuz he’ll be out of office in two years so Rand decides to go on the attack against Hilary.

Someone’s scared, eh, Rand?
I’ve been watching The Affair on Showtime. It tells the story of a murder — though we don’t know who died, even if they were murdered, or who did it — and a couple of people involved are the ones having The Affair.

It’s kind of morose, though I do enjoy the way they show both adulterers’’ sides to the story, but there is some man candy.

Joshua Jackson — on the right — plays Cole Lockhart, the husband of the woman having the affair, and though we saw his buck nekkid in episode one I was less than impressed. But then we saw him in jeans, riding, then dismounting a horse and, well, a man in Levi’s with a nice ass … I’m hooked.

In addition we have Colin O’Donnell — on the left — playing Cole’s brother Scotty, er, Hotty.

Yeah, I may be able to endure the morose for the occasional hotness. I’m shallow like that, you know.
So, My-Husband-In-My-Head Matt Bomer made his debut on AHS: Freak Show last night, playing a gay hustler, yum, who gets picked up in a bar by the wickedly insane, and insanely adorable, Dandy, played by Finn Wittrock. The two of them, in tighty whites? Oy, thank goodness for DVRs and replay!

I was in heaven until … and I’ll save the spoilers if you haven’t seen; suffice to say, Matt? What happened?

Also, the delicious Frances Conroy. Lots of talk, and all of it well-deserved, about Jessica Lange, but Frances Conroy has always been fabulous in AGS and this year is no different; the voice — "They're special bulbs from Holland! Don't question me!" — the hair, the clothes, the personality of her character. I want her to have her own season of Horror.

And then to have Gabourey Sidibe again? Loving it! Hopefully she’ll play a larger part before this all ends.
So, am I the only one who finds all those pictures of the virulently anti-gay Benham Brothers hoisting virulently anti-gay politicians into the air to be more than just a little gay looking?

And, not that I’m saying he’s gay, but the looks on Huckleberry's, Jindal's and Perry’s faces seem to suggest that they’re more than a little tickled to be carried around by bigots.

Speaking of homophobes, for some reason Peter LaBarbera, president of the anti-gay organization Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, went on the attack against National Treasure, Neil Patrick Harris.

Luckily Dan Savage was there to respond … and God, too.


mistress maddie said...

I too was fighting a cold this week and also agree about the fluids. Plenty!!! Your new neighbors may think you guys are nuts. AHS..... Going in I knew matt was only one appearance but DAMN, could dandy at least have nailed him first. Meanwhile friends have since started calling me Gloria...........

anne marie in philly said...

YEAH!!! the responses back to porno pete are FABULOUS!

sorry you are not feeling well, dear. perhaps dreams of matt bomer will cure you, yes?

the dogs' mother said...

Crazy week.
My cold killer soup recipe - lentils in chicken broth, lots of garlic and flaked hot pepper. HOT! If it doesn't kill you it will kill the cold germs.

Professor Chaos said...

Forget hot tea. Drink O.J. Lots and lots of OJ. Not only hydrates you, gives you lots of Vitamin C, but also burns the goo out of your throat. (Coca Cola will also do the throat thing, but not the Viamins) Get well soon, and never stop fake shouting.It gives the neighbors some entertainment.The missus and I do it all the time, our neighbors probably think we're going to kill each other!

Bob Slatten said...

@MM I was hoping for a Matt-Dandy hookup, too!

@AM Yes, Matt Bomer will cure anything what ails ya!

@TDM That soup sounds great, even when I'm not sick. I love a good lentil, and garlic and red pepper!

I agree about the juice, and a cool beverage. Carlos can take his hot tea and shove .....

Frank said...

Homemade chicken soup: boil whole chicken with onions, carrots, celery and optional escarole and/or cabbage or other veggies - consume HOT. it will loosen everything up.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Is that a picture of Hillary endorsing Mitt the Twit? Perhaps the adorable double ticket of Rand Paul and Chris Christie will overtake the Hillary ticket in 2016?

Bob Slatten said...

@Frank thanks for yet another soup recipe. I am a soup-nut even when I'm not cold-ish.

Blobby said...

Banning Tim Cook I (kind of) get. Building a Steve Jobs memorial in Russia I do not.

S'A said...

There's a reason I follow Twitter God!

Sean said...

I would love being your neighbor. I'd just yell out across the yard "You're both wrong! Apple Cider Vinegar is what you need!"