Thursday, November 13, 2014

Random Musings

You know, last week when the Sixth Circuit Court ruled that discrimination against The Gays re: marriage was just fine, I loved the wingnuts coming out of the woodwork — the Bryan Browns, and the Brian Fishers and the Tony Perkins, and all those religiously-named Hate Groups — praising the judges on the bench for making the ‘right’ decision.

Funny, though, when the judges rule against them these asshats call them activists and unelected judges. Be careful boys, your hypocrisy is showing … again.
Speaking of rightwing loons, over there at Breitbart is a report that US Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch should face tough questioning before the Senate over her role in the 1992 Whitewater hearings:

“The prosecutor has a long career built of some high profile cases but there is one case Lynch was involved in that few are talking about. Lynch was a part of Bill Clinton's Whitewater probe defense team in 1992.”

One slight problem though. They’re talking about the wrong Loretta Lynch. The Lynch that was part of the Clinton defense team is on the right, and Obama’s nominee is on the left. 

It’s like they’re twins, right? So easy to get them confused.
Hottie of the Week: Raza Jaffrey. He played Dev on Smash before they tried to reinvent that show between seasons and now he’s Aasar Khan on Homeland. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? We don’t know; we just know he’s delicious.
Bob Geldof is putting the Band Aid back on.

It was announced this week that Geldof will re-record the iconic charity song "Do They Know It's Christmas" to raise funds to fight Ebola. And some new voices will join some of the old ones, like U2; Sam Smith, will be there; Cold-meh, er, Coldplay, too. One Direction, yawn, and the incomparable Adele.

I’d suggest letting Adele do it solo, but that’s just me.
UPDATE:  Last week I posted about several North Carolina magistrates who quit rather than perform same-sex marriages after not one, but two federal judges said the state’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.

And now, Judge John Smith, the chief administrator of North Carolina’s courts, has told Senate leader, Republican Phil Berger, that magistrates are duty-bound to perform same-sex marriages because it’s their job; and, he added, there is no federal law or rulings exempting the asshatted judges based on their personal religious leanings.

Of course, though, Berger and some two dozen other Senate Republicans have asked Smith to revise his directive, calling  it “at best incomplete and at worst misleading” by failing to take into account constitutional religious freedoms and federal civil rights laws for workers and government employees. But Smith countered with a 1991 Supreme Court decision that he says excluded state judicial employees from the definition of protected employees on the basis of religious beliefs because they are federal employees and cannot use their religion as a discriminatory weapon.

Then, as Republicans are apt to do, like rabid stupid dogs with a bone, Berger says he’ll introduce a bill next year protecting state officials who refuse to issue marriage licenses or perform weddings for same-sex couples.

Because discrimination is perfectly okay if you couch it in religion and use it against The Gays.
So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “Harlem Hate Pastor, James David Manning from ATLAH [All The Land Anointed Holy] Church. He’s the man of God who said The Gays should be stoned, er, put to death.

Now, though he’s gone even nuttier. Last week he claimed that Starbucks is “ground zero” for the Ebola outbreak because, ahem, "upscale sodomites" frequent the joint, and this week he upped the ante by claiming that Starbucks is using "sodomites' semen in lattes."

He says the reason that these “upscale sodomites” and "untoward types" hang out at Starbucks because the semen "flavors up" the coffee "and it makes you think that you're having a good time drinking that cup of latte with the semen in it."

Yes. He did. And he has a church. And he has a congregation. Seriously.
More stupid people? Okay ...

Megyn Kelly, one of Fox Now’s Talking Blonde Bimbos recently introduced Fox News’s Mike Huckabee as a guest on her “news” program The Kelly File with a casual mention to his show, only she called it, wait for it, it’s perfectly suited to a wingnut like Mike, she called it Fuckabee.

Oh, but she did.
More stupid people? Okay ....

Khloe Kardashian, whom I once thought of as the smart one — not saying much for that family, I know — has sparked a bit of outrage on Instagram after posting this meme on  featuring herself and her sisters Kim and Kourtney:

Khloe simply captioned the photo, “True.” While some fans found it funny, most found it racist and offensive and called her out on it; then after it received more than 400,000 ‘likes’ — from stupid racists, ALLEGEDLY — and 26,000 comments, Khloe deleted the picture from her page.

Like I said, I once thought she was the ‘smart’ one but she’s just as big a media-whore as the rest of that lot.
So, it looks like Joan Rivers should never have died.

A new Department of Heath report on her death confirms that, while undergoing an endoscopy at the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic, there were multiple failures in protocol which occurred after her trachea closed up while she was underwent an unauthorized laryngoscopy by her personal physician:

Rivers never signed off on that procedure, which was performed by a doctor who was not authorized to operate at the endoscopy facility.

Rivers was possibly given too much anesthetic because she was not weighed before the procedure, which is standard practice.

The facility lacked the basic medication that could have been administered to open her trachea and quickly save her life.

As a result, Joan Rivers suffered irreversible brain damage.

In addition, there were stories about someone in the room while Rivers was under anesthesia taking selfies of him/herself with the comic; Yorkville Endoscopy states that the staffer taking the photos has been fired, as has the physician who performed Joan’s endoscopy.

While I am not a person who sues, if this was my mother, I’d sue the pants off the clinic and both doctors.

Joan Rivers was 81, but she showed no signs of stopping, or, hell, even slowing down before she went in for a routine endoscopy.

Sad. Sad.
As I've said, I wake up with a song in my head every day; something old, sometimes new, sometimes something I had no idea I even knew.
This week it's The Byrd's "My Back Pages."


the dogs' mother said...

omg!!! that pastor!

mistress maddie said...

That pastor, and I use that loosely is completely nuts!!!!!!!! WHERE do they think these things up?!?!?

Ron said...

Yet another fabulous "Musings!" I'm ashamed to say that I still subscribe to the National Enquirer (I'm letting the subscription run out) and I'll say it again, your blog is SOOO much better than that "meh" that their gossip columnist Mike Walker drivels out every week. Just a matter of time before someone discovers you but in the meantime, we'll still enjoy your fabulous posts. Thank you!

anne marie in philly said...

"she called it Fuckabee" - the best thing I've heard all week!

Big Mark 243 said...

...f*ck that Pastor...

...oh c'mon... Khole made a funny... people are too sensitive over nothing... I mean, if you don't get it, "f*ck you" (not you, jus' in general to those who didn't get it)

Now THIS is for you... more Henry Cavill... and there is a lot more available if you follow his prep for Superman on You Tube..!

Bob Slatten said...

@Big Mark 243

All I can say is, "Thanks for the OH Henry!"

Raybeard said...

I've never been to a Starbucks EVER, but now I'm sorely tempted to go and order me a double latte, and fantasise that the holy ATLAH Pastor is correct.

Helen Lashbrook said...

How can anyone listen to the drivel coming out of 'Pastor' (is he self-appointed?) Manning and not realise that he is certifiably insane?

Anonymous said...

Loretta Lynch, nominee, is the woman of color on the right. So I'm assuming the "Whitewater" Loretta Lynch is on the left.