Monday, January 06, 2014

WTF? Kristen Wiig

Okay, so Kristen Wiig used to be on Saturday Night Live, and one of her characters was delusional actress and gameshow contest, Mindy Gracin.

But does that men Wiig needs to trot out one of Gracin's old costumes for a Red Carpet event?

Kristen, honey? Whoever put you in this look was going for the joke, and they succeeded. That ill-fitting dress looks like leftover drapes from a seedy motel and the shellacked hair ain't helping.

PS That, down there, is Wiig as Mindy Gracin, and that, down there, might have been a better choice for a Red Carpet gown.


Ms Sparrow said...

That dress is ghastly! I always wonder who talks stars into wearing these ridiculous things.

anne marie in philly said...

did she steal miss ellen's drapes? butt ugly frock.

Professor Chaos said...

She should have shown up dressed as Gillie.