Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pope Benny: Defrocker of Pedophiles

So last week we learned that, right before he quit being Pope because, I dunno, it got too hard, Pope Benedict Arnold defrocked almost 400 priests for sexually molesting children. 

And people went crazy; I mean, there might have been a parade if Benny could have been coerced from the palace where he retired with his, um, manservant. The Church and some of its minions spent days saying what a great thing he did, what a brave thing he did, apparently forgetting that while he was just a lowly Cardinal, he helped pedophile priests move around in the church to avoid being caught and punished for raping children.

How quickly we forget.

But let us not forget that, basically, by defrocking those priests, he gave them a pass for their crimes. They were not named; they were not arrested; they were not made to answer for, and perhaps pay for, their crimes; they were simply let go. And if that doesn’t bother you in the least, let’s play the same scenario out another way …

Let’s say the Superintendent of your local school district up and suddenly retired. Now, he wasn’t a great superintendent; lotsa folks said he did a lot of bad things, but now he’s gone and all’s well with the schools.

And then you learn that just before he up and quit, the Superintendent let 200 teachers go; gave them their walking papers. And these 200 teachers had been accused, suspected, caught, being pedophiles and sexual abusers of children; they were, some of them; child rapists.
And the Superintendent let them go.

Would you give him a parade? Clap him on the back? Praise him? Would you say, ‘Well done’? The pedophiles are no longer our problem; let some other school district, some other neighborhood deal with them?

I didn’t think so.

Stop patting Benny on the back and telling him what a great thing he’s done; he did the same thing he’s always done: let the pedophiles out to rape somewhere else.


anne marie in philly said...

hypocritical bastards all.

Helen Lashbrook said... this link clearly shows what Pope Francis' priorities are; the Vatican Bank scandal is being dealt with by the police and the child abuse scandal kicked into the long grass with the committee still not set up (despite being promised for October 2013). And no priests handed over for investigation and possible prosecution; the Catholic church seems shameless

Raybeard said...

Well said.
I also wonder if it's still the case that anything revealed to a priest in confession is (literally) sacrosanct, such information never to be passed onto the police as it violates the 'sanctity' of the sacrament. That certainly was the case in my schooldays.
It's this same mentality of 'The Law of God' being above man's law which enables some to claim that they have the right to practice discrimination because the Church says they should even when a particular government outlaws it.
We can all play at ignoring those laws we don't like, only in this case they can ludicrously plead "It's what God wants." as though believing in such a god gives special dispensation not to observe certain of the laws to which all we others must comply.

the dogs' mother said...

I seem to remember something about a crime being planned to commit is allowed to be reported to the police. "I am about to sin and knock of X"
But I don't have any handy Catholics nearby to ask at this time.

Raybeard said...

Yes, Dog's Mother, that certainly does ring a bell - though if that was the case it would be the priest's first duty to dissuade the potential criminal from carrying out the act. In the event that he felt he was unsuccessful in doing so I do seem to remember something about that being a situation in which he SHOULD inform the police - though (I think I'm right in saying) NOT for crimes already committed. But I'm still wondering if the ruling on the latter has now changed and, if so, how does that square with the most sacred confidentiality of the confessional.