Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Huckabee Outdoes Mama Grizzly Bore™ In Stupidity

It used to be that the Mama Grizzly Bore™ was the go-to-gal for GOP idiocy — like when she stood strong over Phil Robertson’s racist and homophobic GQ interview while admitting she actually hadn’t read it; I guess that’s one of the newspapers and magazines that doesn’t cross her desk as she so famously told Katie Couric back in her Ott-Seven failed Veep bid.

But now the MGB™ has a new foe in the Stupidity Department and his name is Mike Huckleberry Huckabee.

Here’s the back story: Y’all remember the case of Terri Schiavo, who was pronounced brain dead and whose husband wanted to ‘let her go’ by removing her from life support, but whose parents wanted to keep her around. The "pro-life" movement got involved in that case making it national news, and now they’re in on the case of Jahi McMath, a teenager who is now brain dead after a tonsillectomy.

As the wingnuts did with Schiavo — and without any actual medic al knowledge — they are now disputing the diagnoses of McMath’s doctor’s and calling anyone who thinks McMath should be allowed to die gracefully and peacefully “murderers.”

Enter Mike Huckabee: on his FoxNews show last week, Huckabee continued to dispense medical advice — of which he has none — and then compared the notion of taking Jahi McMath off life support to abortions. Oh, yeah, and to the Holocaust, too.

Huckabee talked about the judge who extended the period of time for McMath to remain on support by calling it more time for the family to prove that Jahi is "worth attempting to save." And then he continued to call McMath’s tonsillectomy "botched" though there is no suggestion by anyone with medical knowledge or experience that that is the case; still, Huckabee, in his infinite, though uncredentialed, medical opinion, maintains that assertion.

Then, tugging at the heartstrings of his Fox minions, he emotionally told the story of how McMaths’ doctors wanted to take her off life support "just a couple of days before Christmas" and then played a video of Sam Singer, the hospital spokesman, talking about the case, and asked that his audience “listen closely” as Springer told reporters that the family hadn't been able to find another long term care facility to "accept the deceased body on the ventilator".

Now, while that sounds harsh, what Singer said is the correct medical and legal terminology in cases like that of Jahi McMath. And while Huckabee made great mention of that part of the statement he seemed to downplay the fact that Singer also called the case a "sad tragedy," and said that if a facility was found, the hospital would do all it could, medically and legally, to help the family."

Huckabee then added:
"Every life has value and worth. There is no such person who is disposable, one whose life has been deemed by others to be less than others and therefore expendable, I can't share that. The road that starts that way in deciding that some lives have less value and are unworthy of protection, that leads to a culture that tolerates the undeserved killing of over 55 million unborn children in this country. It leads to China's birth policy that limits the number of children for a family and enforces forced abortion if they deviate from the state-determined ideal."
Yes, he compared the saga of a young girl, left brain dead to abortions; but then, as his ilk in the GOP are apt to do, he trotted out the Nazis:
"It's also that culture that allowed the Nazis to hideously justify the savage slaughter of millions of Jews, disabled people, old people and those with mental illness. Let's hope and pray that the courts continue to do what every court should do, respect parents over government, family over hospitals and, above all, protect Jahi from them all."
Now, let’s see, while there is no evidence, nor any suggestion of evidence, that there was any incompetence on the part of the hospital, Huckabee, Not-A-Doctor-But-He-Plays-One-On-His-Dumbass-Fox-Show, supports the parent’s view that the operation was not done correctly. He then suggests that families be given preference over medical experts; this could actually lead to parents, medical laymen actually, who say their religion does not allow certain types of medical care, to withhold that care which is, as many courts have agreed, a form of child abuse. 

Huckabee then ALLEGED — because he has no proof or any medical degree — that the hospital was both uncaring and wrong when, in reality, they did their best to provide Jahi with proper care, until she met the legal requirement for declaration of death.

But the Nazis? Really Huck?As he lumped the gassing of Jews with a woman's legal right to abortion, and then tossed in his unproven theory that the medical experts who cared Jahi were comparable to Nazis, he sinks even lower on the humanity scale; he is beneath contempt.

This is a sad, sad case. My heart goes out to the family of Jahi McMath for all that they’ve gone through, and will continue to endure. But to have a politician take this and turn it into a campaign for the pro-life movement, to compare doctors to Nazis, is the lowest of the low.

And Mike Huckabee should be ashamed of himself. He has a right to his opinion that Jahi McMath should be kept on life support forever, if need be, if Jahi McMath was his child. But he is not related to her in any way, and only has an opinion because it gives him another opportunity to pander to his wingnut base.

Shame on him.


Helen Lashbrook said...

This is a terrible case and I can empathise with Jahi's parents. It is not an easy decision to agree to have your child taken off life support when brain dead. But my Becca would have hated to be a vegetable. Her body fought for two weeks to remain alive. Do I feel guilty? No.

Do I think Jahi's parents are wrong in their quest? How can I know what went wrong in Jahi's case? Every case, every decision is different and no-one should judge.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Dear Bob - realised that what I said could be taken as an attack on what you were saying; it is not. People like Huckabee should keep their noses out of matters like these

Regards Helen

Bob Slatten said...

I didn't take it that way at all. My whole point was that I loathe Huckabee for politicizing this sad case into a diatribe about abortions and Nazis.

the dogs' mother said...

sigh - typical politician

anne marie in philly said...

asshat of the week for huck.

I read last night that the girl has been moved to a long-term care facility. how do you care for someone that's been declared dead though?

I would NOT want to be kept alive by artificial means; spouse and I both have living wills stating such.

Debbie said...

It is VERY tragic, but that little girl is dead. I wouldn't want my child to remain in that state, especially if three doctors told me she was brain dead.