Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Musings

St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral has become the first Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City to embrace same-sex unions, according to the Very Reverend Justin Lindstrom:
“We ask God to bless all types of relationships, and so for us to formally ask God to bless same gender couples seems very appropriate to this community.”
Meanwhile, Brian Hobbs, communications director for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, says Oklahoma Baptists believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman:
“Southern Baptists’ long-held position on the biblical meaning of marriage is well known. As recently as our annual meeting in November, Oklahoma Baptists reaffirmed marriage as the union of one man and one woman joined by God for life.”
Funny, then, that Southern Baptists aren't working to stop heterosexual divorce, but then i guess "their" God isn't so strict about that 'for life" mumbo-jumbo after all.
I love me some American Horror Story: Coven and Jessica Lange, but seriously, hasn't there always and ever been just the one Supreme?
It took a lawsuit, but the day after legally married, same-sex employees filed a federal lawsuit against the company, the National Railway Labor Conference, which represents the major railroad companies in the U.S., announced that they will begin providing health care benefits to same-sex spouses of their employees. 

Should equality really need a lawsuit?
So, last week was the big Sound of Music Live! event on NBC and people ripped Carrie Underwood a new one. No, not so much for the singing, but for the bad acting. But Carrie wasn't playing, and after reading some of the Tweets about her performance, she took to Twitter herself to say: 

The passages she noted , well, they're long and stuff, but boil it on down and it comes out like this: Haters will hate people of faith.

Except, I read some of those Tweets, and some were mildly hilarious and others were highly hilarious and some were downright mean, but not one mentioned anything about Carrie's faith, unless she's switched from Christianity to the Church of Method Acting.

Enough with the phony, Don't be mean to me because I'm a Christian Carrie; the dings were aimed at your laughably bad acting talent.

Talent. That's funny.
Last week, Rio De Janeiro became the 14th Brazilian state to legalize same-sex marriage and on that day over 130 couples married in a mass wedding at the state's Superior Court of Justice.

What's all this made up BS about the "War on Christmas"?

There is no war, unless it's the war Christmas started on Thanksgiving, but that doesn't count because Christians were out shopping for new stuff right on the heels of giving thanks for all they have.

Here's the deal: Holidays is derived from Holy Days so when some says Happy Holidays there is actually a religious connotation to it, if you care to hear it. If not, maybe someones saying it because they don't know which, if any, faith you practice, and rather than insult you, they make a blanket statement that applies and appeals to everyone.

Except Christians who seem to think they are the one true faith.

You're not, so sit down. Oh, and Happy Holidays.
Speaking of a happy holiday ... howsabout that hot Santa on Glee last week? Bryce Johnson. Shirtless Santa. Shirtless gay, or at least sexually ambiguous, Santa.

Happy. Happy Holiday, indeed.
Color me wishing I had HBO.

Bette Midler, the Divine Miss M, is taking on the great Mae West, as both star and executive producer. William Friedkin [The Exorcist] who will direct and gay icon and legend Harvey Fierstein will write it.

The story will be based on West’s autobiography Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It and will chronicle Mae’s rise to stardom writing and starring in her scandalous Broadway show Sex.

I think Midler is perfect; short and curvy like West; bawdy like West.

This could be good.
Add one more high-profile political leader to the list of folks planning to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia because that country is run by homophobes and closeted bigots. I'm looking at you Putin.

Now European Union commissioner Viviane Reding and German President Joachim Gauck will not be attending. While Gauck's decision is thought to be in response to Russia's human rights violations, Reding made it very clear that she won't be going because of how Russia treats its minorities:
I will certainly not go to Sochi as long as minorities are treated the way they are under the current Russian legislation.
Maybe we can get some folks to stay home. I know the Olympics won't be playing on my TV as long as the games are held in such a country. I'll read about them in the paper.
So, at this weeks Memorial to Nelson Mandela, where all sorts of world leaders were in attendance, President Obama shook hands with Cuban President, and brother of Fidel, Raul Castro, and the Teabaggers went nuts.

Because a man at a memorial shook the hand of another man at a memorial.

Oh yeah, one's black and one's a Communist.

So, yeah, there's that, too.


the dogs' mother said...

My brother and I were raised in the United Church of Canada (Methodist) and then became Unitarians when my parents did (when they were living in the deep South).
My SIL was raised in a Jewish family.
Together they declared December to be the Festival of Trees and Lights and my nephews benefit from the whole combined family.

Professor Chaos said...

Bette Midler as Mae West? Never occurred to me, but damn, that is perfect casting!

Raybeard said...

Yes, this Mae West bio has got me all excited - all because of that casting. Can't wait!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Most Christian religious holidays are held on or near pagan feasts, in an attempt by the nascent religion to draw in followers from the pagans; Christmas only 4 days off the celebrations for midwinter and Easter for Oistre, the pagan goddess of birth (or something similar). So this war on Christmas could be construed as a war on paganism?

Ron said...

Random Musings, all good! Especially about the Divine Bette playing the Divine Mae. Can't wait! I just hope Bette's ego doesn't get in the way like it did with her short lived TV show a few years back. And please Bette, leave your daughter Sophie out of this one. said...

I imagine Carrie Underwood lost more fans because of that tweet than because of that performance. She's certainly fallen from my grace.

I wish she'd just said "I'm sorry you didn't like it, I sure hope I do better if I get a second chance", cashed her big check and shut the hell up.