Saturday, March 16, 2013

UPDATE: Tom Klansnic Needs Your Help ..... Followed by ..... I Ain't One To Gossip But ....

Last Wednesday, I posted the story of Oregon school principal, Tom Klansnic who, after ten years in public school education, was recently told his contract with the district would not be renewed, with explanation as to why, and many parents in the district think it’s because he’s gay. [See post HERE]
Late last night I received an email from Denise McCloud, one of those parents who feels Tom was wrongly terminated simply for being gay, and she asked me to pots the link to a petition to give Tom back his job at
So, I'd like to ask you all to go HERE and sign the petition.
This isn't what we should be doing in this country, firing teachers and educators for being gay. We don't do this.
So take a second and go HERE and add your name to the list of people who think Tom Klansnic deserves to keep his job.
And now ....... Gossip ......
So, sadly, Joy Behar, funny and liberal, is leaving The View, but now comes the news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the right-wing, conservative loon on the panel, has been let go because, well, folks don’t like her.
According to a source—and you know it’s Babs Walters because that bitch promotes any news about her show—The View’s resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn't popular with TV audiences: "The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing. People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed."
A rep for the show says, however, "Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract."
And, while Babs has said Lizzie ain't goin' anywhere, Lizzie herself isn't talking .... for a change. And.we all know a long term contract can be bought out or, can end in August?
Say g’bye Lizzie.
On the Lohan Legal front, Lindsay had wanted a plea deal in her lying to the cops case, but then nixed the deal and now comes word that she won’t accept house arrest either.
She’s making it real easy for the judge to send her drunken ass to prison.
Multiple sources—Michael and Dina Lohan, looking for a cash fix, or payment in tequila—say that both the Santa Monica City Attorney and the L.A. City Attorney have softened their position from lockdown rehab to 90-day house arrest but Lohan wants to fight it all because she’s …. Lindsay Lohan Dammit!
And while Lohan’s lawyer—called an idiot by the judge in the case—and the prosecutors are trying to negotiate a sufficient house arrest length, Lindsay keeps saying she’ll accept no punishment.
And why should she accept punishment when she doesn’t even accept responsibility.
That’s our Lohan!
So, Demi Moore and her adopted son, Ashton Kutcher, had a lovely time together until Ashton went hot-tubbing with a blonde who loved to gossip. Then it was over, and yet we waited and waited for either one of the couple to file for divorce. When neither did, all sorts of rumors swirled that they didn’t need to divorce because they were never really married, legally, in the first place.
Well, now we know that isn’t true, because Ashton—boning Mila Kunis now—filed in December, and Demi, not happy with the way things are looking, filed her own divorce case last month. Apparently Demi felt that Ashton wasn’t being fair with her in the financial settlement part and she wanted a larger cut of his earnings during their six year marriage. Demi wants spousal support from Ashton and a she also wants him to foot the bill for all her legal fees because she feels she took a back seat during their marriage, letting him be The Star, and putting her career on hold.
Two things: 
#1:Ashton isn't a 'star' he's a star-f**ker, and
B: I think GI Jane put Demi's career on hold.
Still, this whole thing is kind of laughable because Demi is actually worth more than Ashton but she fells she’s under financial hardship because Whip-Its and rehab and even younger boyfriends are expensive. And she’s still pissed that he cheated on her, and a man who’d cheat on his grandmother should be made to pay.
Or something.
It seems like LeAnn Rimes, who went to rehab last year for, um, something called ‘social-media-related emotional issues’—which means she Tweets too much and should shut up, is headed back to rehab for the same issues again.
It seems LeAnn Rimes has fallen off the Twitter wagon again, despite her 30-day in-patient treatment last fall, and has recently unleashed a series of increasingly bizarre tweets.
In early February, LeAnn flew off the handle when a Twitter follower—and let me remind you this is a person LeAnne doesn’t know personally, except on Twitter—intimated that she was taking pole-dancing classes because Brandi was too, Tweeted: “I’ve been doing it for two years with my firend [sic] Liz. If you’re so obsessive, look at my old tweets.”
If YOU’RE so obsessive. Pot.Kettle.Hasbeen Country Singer.
A source—and it’s probably Eddie Cibrian, who could use the income—says, “LeAnn was supposed to not tweet any negative stuff or engage with people who don’t like her, but she’s not sticking to that anymore. She is tweeting at people who aren’t fans and saying a lot of angry stuff about Brandi again. She can’t help herself!”
Oh, she could help herself. Turn the computer off. Put the SmartPhone™ down and get a life.
So, like Demi and Ashton, are JLO and her grandson, Casper Smart breaking up?
See, media-whore JLo wasn’t at the Oscars and we all know how much she loves a red carpet, and she and her young ‘friend’ didn’t go to a single Oscar party either.
Well, the rumors says that Jennisper—CasLo?—haven’t been around lately because Casper feels they’re spending too much time together and he wants his own space.
In West Hollywood, ALLEGEDLY.
An insider—and it’s probably Casper because, well, other than dance what does he do?—says, “He is with Jen and her kids so much. He wants to have a place he can go to in case this comes to a screeching halt.”
Emphasis on “screeching.” I mean, we’ve all heard JLo ‘sing,’ haven’t we?
Just sayin’.
So, Chris Brown in a woman-beating, dressing room demolishing, homophobic asshat, right?
He’s also one cheap mutha fu—Shut yo mouth.
It seems that Brown unleashed his anger issues on an innocent parking valet at an LA bowling alley last week. He cussed out the young man over the $10 service charge, and the whole thing was caught on tape—Google it, if you want, I can’t stand looking at Brown.
See, when Chris went to get his car, the valet asked for the $10 charge and Chrissy went off. And when the valet made it clear he couldn’t release the car without the cash, Chrissy and his posse of wannabes and asshats surrounded the guy.
Chrissy was mad because he says he was only there 30 minutes and shouldn’t have to pay the valet fee of $10 for parking his car, even though there are no rules about partial payments for a half hour or such.
Sounds to me like someone’s career might be taking a nose-dive if ten bucks sends him into a tizzy.
Hopefully Rihanna will never ask him to pay the Domino’s delivery guy.
So, last week, in a story of Celebrity Excess, I posted about Beyoncé’s animal hide, $5,000 shoes. This week, though, we’ll focus on one Elton John, who, and I’ll say ALLEGEDLY, while in Brazil for a concert booked a separate hotel room for his ….
Children? No.
Husband? No.
Sunglasses? Ding ding ding we have winner.
The reason the specs needed their own space? He wanted them to be kept at a specific temperature.
Oh, yes he did.
Hotel staff and concert organizers made sure that the room stayed at 16 degrees Celsius—or 60.8 Fahrenheit.
Elton, inspired by JLo no doubt, also requested large vases of red and white roses—not, I’m guessing, for the glasses—four bottles of cranberry juice, a pint of fresh skimmed milk and two bottles of good quality Pinot Grigio wine, plus eight small bottles of Evian water, and five large bottles or 12 small bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water.
Still, how exactly does one check-in sunglasses because I have a pair of Kroger frames that are special to me.


anne marie in philly said...

did the petition.

the rest of the celebs can FOAD. no loss if they did.

but sweet baby cheeses, elton...WTF? for SUNGLASSES? dementia setting in, honey? kids driving you bats? WTeverlovinF?

anne marie in philly said...

YOU FORGOT THIS ONE! the rumor just might be true!

the dogs' mother said...

*JLO and her grandson*


will go look at the petition.

Anonymous said...

Signed the petition.

I don't like Justine Bieber, but Justine got in a pretty good dig on Lindsanity a few nights ago.

Chris Brown is a horrible human being. No other way to describe him.

I have a pair of A.J. Morgan sunglasses. $19.99 and I love them.

Today's CAPCHA word is fngRNa.. is that short for F*cking Rhianna?

Cubby said...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a nasty person.

mistress maddie said...

" but now comes the news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the right-wing, conservative loon on the panel, has been let go because, well, folks don’t like her." Bob you have made me day!!!! Good luck to you Hasselback and don't let the door hit your conservative ass on the way out!!! Meanwhile is Elton going plum loca? That silly queen.

robertga99 said...

I feel bad for Lee Ann. She is just so dumb and blind when it comes to Eddie. He is a user...I give it a couple of years before reports of him cheating on her surface

Biki said...

Signed the petition. I hope those smary school board cretins get their comeuppance!

LOL Your JLo story made me hoick water up my nose! Grandson! LOL LOL

Yeah, these cougars should get a grip, those bright young things are only with their wrinkly souls for one thing, cash baby yeah!