Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: 80 Washington Place

I have what i like to call Multiple Dwelling Disorder. I look at last week's house, covered in grasses, set among stones, along a rocky beach and I fall in love with the isolation of it all. But then suddenly I find myself longing for something a bit more urban, with a bit more history.
This amazing townhouse, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, just steps from Washington Square Park, was once home to American composer John Phillip Sousa. And while the facade, which has been faithfully restored to its 1800s glamour, remains in tact, inside is a modern, luxurious townhome fit for a couple of queens.
Built in 1839 in classical Georgian style, the house is just 22.5 feet wide, but has seven generous floors, including a multi-function mezzanine, a two-story living room that opens to a rare and beautiful Zen garden, a gourmet kitchen, a catering kitchen, a collector’s wine room, media center, bedrooms with gorgeous en suite bathrooms, a full-floor master with an incredible garden view, a home spa and fitness center, a billiard room, and a sprawling rooftop for lavish urban entertaining while viewing the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower.
A view to a thrill.



R.J. said...

A wine tasting lounge? Sold. When do I move in?

Anonymous said...

Now this one I like. Seven floors you say? I could learn to like that.

Any place you need an ELEVATOR to move from room to room appeals to me.

I wonder how much it costs? Ah, I looked it up, $31.5 million. I could raise that.

robertga99 said...

Wow, this might be my fav