Thursday, March 07, 2013

Random Musings

When some folks put their foot in their mouths, they really put their foot in it.
Celeste Greig, of the conservative California Republican Assembly, a GOP volunteer organization that Ronald Reagan coincidentally once called "the conscience of the Republican Party" was criticizing those months old controversial comments about rape and pregnancy made by former Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, when she decided to throw in her two-cents.
Celeste Greig: "That was an insensitive remark. I'm sure he regretted it. He should have come back and apologized. …  Granted, the percentage of pregnancies due to rape is small because it's an act of violence, because the body is traumatized. I don't know what percentage of pregnancies are due to the violence of rape. Because of the trauma the body goes through, I don't know what percentage of pregnancy results from the act." 
So, it isn’t superhero female hormones that can’t fight off Rapist Sperm, it’s the trauma of the rape that fights off Rapist Sperm.
The GOP, rebranding itself as the same old GOP.
In case you’d forgotten, the American Family Association [AFA] is still pissed off at Home Depot for being LGBT-friendly. In their latest press release:
The Home Depot just gave $8,500 to the Atlanta chapter of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) as a "Silver" sponsor of the Atlanta Gala Dinner and Auction in May.  HRC is the nation's largest and most aggressive gay marriage advocacy group, leading the charge to the Supreme Court against California's constitutional amendment protecting marriage as between one man and one woman.  Customers who shop at Home Depot should know that a portion of their purchase will be used to help push the legalization and promotion of homosexual marriage in America. AFA is promoting a boycott of Home Depot until it agrees to remain neutral in the homosexual culture war.
In related news, since the AFA launched this boycott a couple of years ago, Home Depot's stock value has just about tripled. 
Thanks AFA! Doing your part to boost the economy by helping pro-LGBT businesses boom!
Train, which apparently is some rock band from San Francisco—I’m assuming they’ve had at least one hit—has bowed out of the Boy Scouts Jamboree following pressure from GLAAD, Eagle Scout Derek Nance, and over 3,000 people who signed a petition to do so. In fact, Train took to their website to break the news:
When we booked this show for the Boy Scouts of America we were not aware of any policy barring openly gay people from participation within the organization. Train strongly opposes any kind of policy that questions the equality of any American citizen. We have always seen the BSA as a great and noble organization. We look forward to participating in the Jamboree this summer, as long as they make the right decision before then.
Carly Rae Jepsen was also scheduled to perform and she dropped out as well, Tweeting her reason: 
As an artist who believes in equality for all people, I will not be participating in the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree this summer ....
Nice to see people putting their words to action. When and if, the BSA decides to be inclusive and not homophobic, I’m betting Train and Jepsen will be the first to sign up and perform.
Say it isn’t so …. The upcoming eighth season of Dexter will be the final season in the series.
It all came about when CBS president and CEO Les Moonves referred to the new season of the series as its “last.”
There are some who say the show had run its course, but they’re idiots.
I’m’a miss me some Dexter.
Speaking of great TV shows, we learned this week that Valerie Harper--that's the real Valerie on the right, and Valerie as Tallulah Bankhead in a one-woman show on the right--AKA Rhoda Morgenstern of The Mary Tyler Moore Show has inoperable brain cancer and just a few months to live.
I loved her on Mary; the wisecracking best friend. I mean, that’s the role I was born to play. But what I’ve loved about Valerie Harper all these years is the dignity with which she lives her life. While she sat for an interview with People to discuss her cancer, it wasn’t a pity party at all. It was a story about living for today, because, sadly, you don’t always get a tomorrow.
This isn't Harper's first bout with cancer, however; she was previously diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009, despite being a life-long non-smoker.  After surgery successfully removed the tumor, she spoke about her status as a cancer survivor, saying, "I'm of the thinking that we're all terminal; no one is getting out of this alive. So you shouldn't start sitting Shiva before it’s time. Live the best life you can. Be as healthy as possible."
Now, facing a far too shortened life, she says, "I don't think of dying. I think of being here now."
Lesson learned, Valerie, and thanks for making us laugh, and cry, and think, for all these years.
Last week I posted a story about the two gay men, Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins, who had planned a wedding reception at the All Occasion Party Place and were turned down because the venue rents for all occasions except those that have anything to do with gay folks.
Well, after the story broke, someone took a can of spray-paint to the fence of the Allen-Hudgins’ home and wrote the words, ‘Burn Fag’ on it.
You know, because gay folks planning a party deserve to die, I’m guessing; at least in Texas.
But, after that story broke, the neighborhood rallied together and spent the weekend re-painting the fence at the Everman home of Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins.
Turns out not all Texans are hateful and narrow-minded.
So, I don’t like Taylor Swift.
Annoying, cloying, boring, can’t sing, phony.
And the butt of an Amy Poehler and Tina Fey joke at The Golden Globes about her penchant for serial-dating-and-dumping young boys and then turning that, ahem, tragedy into some kind of corn pone pop music mess-terpiece.
When Swifty was asked about that globes joke, she said, “You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people… Because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved, that said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’”
So, I’m guessing Swifty thinks Poehler and Fey will be going to Hell, and by Hell, I mean Swifty will probably turn it into a song that will haunt Tina and Amy, and the entire world, for eons.
But, members of the press wanted to know what Tina and Amy had to say about what Swifty said about what they said….following me?....and ran to Amy Poehler, who said: “Aw, I feel bad if she was upset. I am a feminist and she is a young and talented girl. That being said, I do agree I am going to hell, but for other reasons. Mostly boring tax stuff.”
Just because......
Jonny Lee Miller, smolderingly sexy as Sherlock Holmes in Elementary, and the dee-lish David Giuntoli in the fairytale-cop-drama Grimm.
Must Drool TV.
And, finally, the Tweet of the Week:


the dogs' mother said...

Dear GOP, Take it from a person who was paid to teach sex ed - the reason most rapes don't end in pregnancy is that there is a limited amount of time in the cycle that a woman can get pregnant. Generally it is about 7 days of an appx 28 day cycle. Do you understand --- 21 days in a cycle you can get raped and NOT get pregnant. There will be a quiz.

the dogs' mother said...

PS - For extra credit, please write an essay about birth control that would also prevent pregnancy in a raped woman. Hint: IUD, implants, contraceptive pills, tubal ligation or vasectomy on the part of the rapist.

Final lecture notes for the day - some females are too young or too old to conceive under any conditions but still get raped.

SEAN said...

Grimm is back TOMORROW! and that pic is way hotter then he looks on Grimm - he hot on Grimm, don't get me wrong but he's just better in that pic!

I hate to do it but I feel I must point out an error in your Musing on that slut, whore, over hyped bitch Taylor Swift. It's the boys that dump her flat ass! said...

“It was a joke.” – Tina Fey

anne marie in philly said...

you would THINK that celeste, being a woman, would understand about a woman's body and rape and pregnancy. I guess she opted out of sex ed in high school.

the last item - bwhahahahaha! :)

Ron said...

Another fabulous post Bob! I never heard of Celeste Greig before reading your blog but she is a perfect example of too many Republicans today who can't see the forest for the trees. They fail to see the problem is the message but instead think that the problem is the way the message is delivered. It always amazes me that these people (and I deliberately use the term "these people) don't see how really ignorant and insulting their views on rape are.
Valerie Harper, always one of my favorite actresses (love her attitude) said exactly what I believe: "No one gets out of this life alive. Live the best life you can and be as healthy as possible." However, I do think about dying but not in a negative sense but as a final destination, the inevitable end of it all. I do not fear death only how I get there.