Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Repost Roulette: Rainbow Flags: A Symbol Of Mitlitant Homosexual Advocacy .... from September 2010

South Carolina, where it's not the heat, but the stupidity. In some places. I've said that Carlos and I have found nothing but Welcome when we moved here in 2006.
Still, that doesn't stop The Crazies from working hard to fight anything that remotely smacks of being gay, like a Rainbow Flag.
This is a Repost Roulette from September, 1, 2010:

I've often said that South Carolina is a bit behind the times.

And when it comes to LGBT Pride, we save it until the last possible minute. See, while most places around the country have their Pride Celebrations in June--or maybe May, and possibly July--we here in the Palmetto State save Pride until September.

I guess the bigots don't like the heat.

S.C. Pride is this weekend in Columbia, and to commemorate the event, S.C. Pride received city approval to hang rainbow banners on light posts downtown.

How pretty. Brightly colored flags lining the streets. Nothing like the Confederate flag that flies over the statehouse, except that these temporary flags are causing a stir.

A group calling itself the Palmetto Family Council--I love all these anti-gay groups use the word 'family'....as if to say LGBT folks don't have families or come from families--believes the hanging of rainbows downtown is tantamount to war:

"This is about much more than a piece of cloth on a lamp pole. The flag raised today is symbolic of the city's ongoing and aggressive financial and institutional support of militant homosexual advocacy. Taxpayers need look no farther than this year's headliner, Pandora Boxx (or last year's RuPaul) to see how their tax dollars and the city's good name are being invested. The City of Columbia is not neutral in this matter. It continues to take a side in the culture wars, which we believe is not appropriate for any government."
I love it.

A rainbow flag is a symbol of a militant homosexual advocacy.

Of course, from what I've read about the PFC, they don't really do much. Their last big stance--which failed--was an effort to put six feet between a man and his stripper.

The militant exotic dancer advocacy.


Wonder Man said...

This PFC sounds interesting and crazy

anne marie in philly said...

someone asked me tonight if I had a rainbow flag on my car. I said no, but I DO have TWO equality stickers.

so I got to thinking - would it be wrong to put a rainbow flag sticker on my car in honor of all my boyfriends?

what do you think, bob?

Bob said...

I'd do it.

Debbie said...

Pure ignorance. You kinda can't help but feel for people who are sooooooo closed off and ignorant. My brother lived in Arkansas for 12 years. He was always astounded at the narrow mindedness of the people there. He told me of a conversation he had with a co-worker who swore no one in his family was gay. My brother, direct as he is, told him ... TRUST ME DUDE ... there are gay people in your family you just don't know it ... and if I were gay, Arkansas is the LAST place on earth I'd come out.

With that said, hope you and yours have a great holiday season.