Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Architecture Wednesday: Tribeca Fabulosity

It's not big, but it works quite nicely I'd say, and has some fabulous outdoor space, too.
It's just 1,760 square feet, with two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, on the the sixth and seventh floors of a historic building circa 1866 in Tribeca.
It's so old, it's new again.
And there are 18 foot ceilings, a floating staircase, an impressive glass walkway--which is cool, though I may have to rethink going commando under my kimono--and has not one, but two, terraces.
All for a measly $4.55 million. 
C'mon Powerball!


R.J. said...

$4.55 million? That's playing third base for the New York Yankees money right there.

I'd still do it if I won Super Lotto, though.

Wonder Man said...

I need to make so money