Friday, December 28, 2012

I Didn't Say It ....

Newt Gingrich, thrice-married, serial adulterer, switching it up on marriage equality:
"It is in every family. It is in every community. The momentum is clearly now in the direction in finding some way to ... accommodate and deal with reality. And the reality is going to be that in a number of American states -- and it will be more after 2014 -- gay relationships will be legal, period."

How nice that Mister-Marry-A-Woman-Cheat-On-Her-She-Gets-Cancer-I-File-For-Dovorce-Marry-The-Mistress- She-Gets-Cancer-I-File-For-Divorce-Marry-The-Mistress has decided that maybe The Gays do deserve to treat marriage like the bottom of their shoes, too.

Henry Rollins, on being an LGBT-ally:
"I appreciate and admire the day-to-day courage of the gay people I have encountered in the music world and elsewhere. I have never been put in the position of having to "stand up" for my heterosexuality. I am on the biggest possible team and it's always the home game for me. The Westboro Baptist Church's god doesn't hate me and I have lived life with an incredible amount of mobility and a low level of fear and tribulation. On the other hand, gay in Wyoming? That's some Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon highlight-reel action. I am not a religious person, but I will say that music is at least a way to live my life, it instructs me to adhere to a certain code of conduct. If I am digging music from all over the world, performed by males and females, gay and straight, then I am screwed on the prejudice front."

Understanding and equality set to music.
Thanks Henry.

Kyle Kacal, Texas GOP congressman, on what's more dangerous than guns:
"I've heard of people being killed playing ping-pong -- ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns. Flat-screen TVs are injuring more kids today than anything."

More dangerous than ping-pong balls and flat-screen TVS are politicians like Kyle Kacal, who is obviously in the pocket of the NRA.

Pope Benny, on how being gay is against God, in his annual Christmas message:
"People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves. The manipulation of nature, which we deplore today where our environment is concerned, now becomes man's fundamental choice where he himself is concerned. When freedom to be creative becomes the freedom to create oneself, then necessarily the Maker himself is denied and ultimately man too is stripped of his dignity as a creature of God"

Isn’t it interesting that, while speaking about God, he can so easily tell a portion of the world that we are unworthy?
He’s not so F%$&ing Christ-like, is he?

Barney Frank, on homophobe and bigot Antonin Scalia:
"I was glad that he made clear what’s been obvious, that he’s just a flat out bigot. I’d previously said he was a homophobe. And Fox and the rightwing said, ‘Oh just because he’s not for same-sex marriage? And I said, ‘No, let me be very clear. That’s not it. This is a man who has said you should go to prison for having sex.’ It was an extraordinarily abusive sentiment and it was dead wrong. And, by the way, for a guy who is supposed to be so smart -- quite stupid. This young man said to him, ‘Why do you compare sodomy to murder?’ And he said, ‘Well because I have a right to say if I think something is immoral.’ Well the question wasn’t about his right. The question was, By what morality is expressing your love for someone in a physical way equivalent to killing that person? It makes it clear that the man is an unreconstructed bigot, and given that you have a bigot on the Supreme Court like that, it is useful to know."

I am seriously gonna miss Barney Frank, and hope the rumors that he’ll take John Kerry’s Senate seat when Kerry becomes Secretary of State, are true.
We need Barney in government.

Bradlee Dean, hate group leader, saying Barack Obama is responsible for the Newtown murders:
"The Sandy Hook shooting occurred just days after Sen. Rand Paul sent out an alert that the U.N. was set to pass the final version of the Small Arms Treaty, supported by Obama the day after election. Part of the treaty bans the trade, sale and ownership of all semi-automatic weapons like the one Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children and 6 adults. When the 'fire' is started, these government gun banners are right there to strip away your rights in an attempt to gain control under the guise of 'putting out the fire.' Adolf Hitler was responsible for attacking his own Reichstag to start a world war. Hitler was also responsible for sending his brownshirts to incite the people so he could play the role of solving their problems. No one believed Hitler was guilty of these crimes until after the fact. Then it was too late."

So, because Obama wants to halt the sale and ownership of ASSAULT weapons, he’s Hitler?
Bradlee Dean, a man who never met logic.

Tagg Romney, on his father and the presidency:
“He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to . . . run. If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside. He is a very private person who loves his family deeply and wants to be with them, but he has deep faith in God and he loves his country, but he doesn’t love the attention."

Oh, Tagg, sit down.
If your father didn’t want to be president he wouldn’t have run.
If your father didn’t think he should have been president he would have drafted a concession speech just in case.
If your father didn’t want to be president, we wouldn’t have heard a single story about how devastated he was that he lost.
He lost. Tagg. Don’t rewrite history. The majority of voters in this country did not want your father to be president. Ever.

Gareth Thomas, out rugby and fitness star, on coming out to his dad: 
"My family were amazing - once it was taken in, my dad, who is a very tough man, sat me down at home with the family; he opened a bottle of champagne and said 'this is a toast to the rest of your life son.' It was overwhelming, and my family as a whole have been superb."

I remember my dad, when I came out, saying, “I love you very much.”
I wish all coming out stories could have happy endings like mine and Gareth’s.

Ron Paul, surely angering his Teabaggin' followers, on NRA head Wayne LaPierre's call for armed guards in every public school:
"Do we really want to live in a world of police checkpoints, surveillance cameras, metal detectors, X-ray scanners, and warrantless physical searches? We see this culture in our airports: witness the shabby spectacle of once proud, happy Americans shuffling through long lines while uniformed TSA agents bark orders. This is the world of government provided “security,” a world far too many Americans now seem to accept or even endorse. School shootings, no matter how horrific, do not justify creating an Orwellian surveillance state in America."

Funny, the Teabaggers want less government, but when you talk guns, they demand more government action to protect their, ahem, rights to bear arms.


the dogs' mother said...

Interesting collection today. You find the most thought provoking stuff.

Amir jamil said...
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Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Tagg Romney has that crazy shooter face. I think authorities need to keep him under servalence because the question could he hurt someone, the question is when he will hurt someone.

As for Barney Frank, he'll still be around for a while, unchained from the Congressional Code of Honor. But he's right about Scalia, and Scalia should recuse himself from cases involving gay legal questions.

anne marie in philly said...

same old h8, same old religious bullshit. but then you hear a voice crying out for equality and justice amongst the h8ers. take heed!

Ms Sparrow said...

Every time a see a picture of the pope, he gives me the creeps! This old goat is supposed to be god's voice telling us to keep overpopulating the earth? Will there ever be a moral and ethical head of the church?

designing wally said...

We need more money for schools!
Right Away!!!
We can use some of the money that we took away from teachers and supplies and books, and a few billion from congress and BUY GUNS!!!

I guess they missed the parts in the bible where jesus is intently engaged despising hypocrites...

UnderSTANding STAN said...

Benny's pic looks just like the Grinch! Love it. Green his face and you'll never know the difference. Except in X-ray, since the Grinch has a larger heart!

The Barney Frank quote is golden. He will be sorely missed.