Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Architecture Wednesday: The Vicarage

What's this? A house, a lovely house at that, and a former residence of the town vicar?
Yes, indeed, this former brick vicarage, located near Malmö in southern Sweden, was converted into a stunning 4,500 square foot modern home. And I love that they kept the exterior of the home as it was, and created a beautiful sleek, white, black, and gray interior.
The house was originally built in 1904 and was renovated 103 years later, creating a contemporary four bedroom, three bath home, with large living areas, both indoors and out.
It's old, it's new, it's fabulous!

via HomeDSGN


R.J. said...

I love places that look like an older house on the outside and refreshingly modern on the inside. If this didn't have an L-shaped staircase in the middle of the home I'd be interesting in recreating it in The Sims 3.

Nice pick!

mistress maddie said...

I adore the vicarage! I love all the airy feeling it has and the long drive up to it. If I move in, does this mean I must watch my mouth since a vicar lived there?

Ahmed Ali said...
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Bob said...

I'm sure the vicar's heard just about everything. I'd imagine he's shock-proof!

designing wally said...

I'd rather go to baptist church twice a week than live in whiteness....

I wouldn't even be able to touch myself.