Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Musings

We have all kinds or ornaments on our Christmas tree, everything from my Mom’s handmade ones, to iron snowflakes, miniature disco balls and plastic ones hung low so the cats don’t break any.
And speaking of low-hung balls, Howsabout Bauballs, a conversation-starting ornament for your Christmas tree meant to raise awareness of testicular cancer.
That would start a conversation, now wouldn’t it?
via Towleroad
If you haven't seen Happy Endings, you're missing a really great show.
So irreverently and nonsensically funny.
So, the other day I was watching The View. I tend to stay away when Barbara Walters is on because she’s gone from being a well-respected journalist who’s been around for decades, to being the batshit crazy, babbling grandma of daytime TV, but the cast of Downton Abby was on and I had to see them.
See, there was a story of Anne Hathaway pulling a Lohan and accidentally exposing her ladybits whilst getting out of an SUV at the New York premiere of Les Miserable. Joy muttered something about exposing her female genitalia and Bas said, “Genitalia? Men have genitalia, women don’t have genitalia.”
But the so-amazing-that-she-is-so-dumb-and-yet-can-still-be-on-TV award goes to Sherri Shepherd. The conversation was about a schoolteacher in France who had assigned a class to write a suicide note, and talk about the things in their lives that might make them suicidal. Now, that’s neither here nor there, because as Shepherd began her rant, she said, “If I have a French teacher for my kid, I want them to teach my kid to say bon jour not write a suicide note.”
You know the topics are stupid when the co-hosts don’t even pay attention.
Sidenote:  Rob James-Collier, who plays gay butler Thomas, on Downton Abby, was one of the guests, and while he is quite nasty of the show, he was rather funny, sexy and charming on The View. 
he joked about it's better to kiss guys because his girlfriend doesn't get jealous.
His appearance nearly made up for Daft Babs and Dumbass Sherri.
One note of interest about SCOTUS and the DOMA and Prop H8 decisions is that not one leader of the GOP has commented on them yet.
They say they’re changing, but they aren’t. They’ll wait for the court to decide and then say they agreed all along, however it winds up.
Speaking of Babs Walters, last night was her Ten Most Media Whoring People or somesuch. I couldn't watch it, but Carlos left the TV on while I cleaned up the kitchen so I could hear New jersey Governor Chris Christie blow hard about how fabulous he was during Hurricane Sandy.
And I'll give him that. But when Babs asked if his continued thanking of the President might have swayed votes away from Mittsy and into the Obama camp, he said he was just thanking the President for his support.
Uh huh.
See, Christie wants to run for the White House, although, naturally, it's a figurative run because the last time he ran it was after an ice cream truck, so that's why he kept mentioning Obama in the days after the hurricane. It was a subtle "Look America, this guy helps and the other guy wants to do away with FEMA."
And why would he do that? 
He's.A.Politician. And he wants to be President one day, but if Mittsy won in November, Christie would have to wait until 2020 to hit the campaign tail and by then he wouldn't be able to ride the Look How Great I Was After The Hurricane ticket to the General Election.
Let's not forget that Giuliani tried to ride the Look How Great I Was After 9/11 ticket.
It's all politics and for Christie to say anything else is a big fat lie from a big fat liar.
I'm starting my Christmas shopping on the 22nd just in case the Mayans were right.
I mean, why spend all that money for naught?
I love this story.
Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League, has a younger brother, Michael, who came out as gay after college.
But Michael tells the story of how big brother Roger would protect him from bullies when they were younger:
 “Absolutely, he would beat the crap out of people,” Michael says. “Roger was not Atticus Finch.”
When Michael Goodell hears those stories of LGBTQ youth who kill themselves as a result of bullying, he remembers that it could have been him, there but for the grace of God, and his brother:
 “I was the type who would have been beat up a lot. It would have been humiliating. What would that have meant if I did survive it. Would I have done drugs? There are all sorts of things you can turn to because of self-hatred and loathing. But none of that was even a possibility, because I had this support around me. So, yeah, Roger is very much a hero figure for me.”
For his part, Roger Goodell claims not to have known that: “That’s the first time I heard that. I didn’t know it had much impact on him.”
It just proves that all LGBTQ youth need to protect themselves from bullies is an ally, someone who will stick up for them, and stand by them, and show them that they aren’t any different than anyone else. In other words, a big brother like Roger Goodell.
Overheard at Work:
Female Co-worker: I am sick of this Happy Holidays crap. I want to hear Merry christmas. I want to hear someone say something about this holiday and what it means to me!
Bob: Merry Bitchmas.


the dogs' mother said...

This so-called 'war on Christmas' is so embarrassing. Compared to people being killed over religion in other parts of the world - we need to get a grip.

Wonder Man said...

Chris may have to get healthy if he runs for president

anne marie in philly said...

merry bitchmas - bwhahahahaha! good call, bob! :)

Anonymous said...

You can have Happy Endings. I gave it a good try for the first season, but just didn't find anything funny about the show. I wanted to like the show; guess I'm just getting too old. The characters are mostly annoying with no socially redeeming values. Seriously, not funny.

mistress maddie said...

I thought I had Bauballs, but then I noticed it was just the houseboy bent over near a branch!

R.J. said...

Merry Bitchmas.... great one!

Hey, if you have a batshit crazy conservative friend you SHOULD buy them a Mayan Calendar for Christmas. That would be hilarious.

Ahmed Ali said...
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Ms Sparrow said...

Yeah, the "War on Christmas" is a big, fat joke! We have Christmas rammed down our throat at every turn. It's impossible to escape it so when I hear these "Christian" whiners complaining about the tiniest slight, I realize that being a majority religion has created a nation of bullies.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I didn't like Happy Endings when it first aired, but the longer that first season ran the funnier I found it.The transcendent moment for us was when there was a wedding and they had a Skype table, ringed with laptops. It went from something that's on TV to something we watch.