Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keep Them In Your Thoughts

When I was a teenager we came quite close, or so I'd hoped, to moving to New Zealand. My father was interested in a teaching position there, but in the end, decided not to uproot his family to move so very far away. Still, I've always had a love for New Zealand and her people.
And when I began blogging, one of my favorite bloggers was Lou, from The Quiet Life. She hasn't blogged much in the past few months, so, especially, today, I'm worried about her and her son.
New Zealand's Christchurch suffered it's second major quake in the last five months, killing 65 people with hundreds more missing.
Keep them in your thoughts.
And, Lou, I hope you're okay.


froggy said...

Family friends from Canada were transferred there and always had the most interesting letters about their adventures. Back in Canada now but bet they are worried.

RAD said...

my thoughts and prayers for the peeps of New Z.....Oh my! sad....

Lou said...

I logged on today and thought I'd browse through some of my old favourite blogs; I guess I'm upset by what's going on in Christchurch and without actually thinking about it I was looking for comfort; so great to find your post here Bob. The action's all happening about 1300 kms (800 miles??) south of where I live. Couple of extended family and a friend are all accounted for now so we're lucky. The pics are horrible and there's so much loss of life - it's kind of hard to believe that beautiful Christchurch is being hammered so hard yet again.