Friday, January 28, 2011

Iowa Democrats Say No To Gay Marriage Ban

Well, Iowa keeps on rolling merrily, er, gaily, along.

Kent Sorenson
There was a strong homophobic, bigoted, discriminatory push by sate Senator Kent Sorenson--a Republican, dontcha know--to suspend Senate rules to allow a vote on a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage; but it was defeated yesterday pretty much right along party lines.

Which teaches us what?

Republicans are against equality, Democrats are not.

Sorenson had asked all 50 senators to call up Senate Joint Resolution 8--a bill to amend Iowa's Constitution to specify that marriage is only between one man and one woman--but Democratic Senate President Jack Kibbie said “No.”

Now, he did agree to allow a vote on whether to suspend the rules and override his objection, but the 26 Democrats voted No, and the 24 Republicans vote Yes, so it was....No..

Kent Sorenson, like the bitch he is, is planning to “file numerous amendments and use any other tactic at his disposal” in order to force a vote on same-sex marriage because, you know, fags shouldn't be treated equally under the law. And once Kent makes the fags Constitutional Second Class citizens, maybe he'll take on the Mexicans or the Blacks, even women. I mean, women have the right to vote?

Mike Gronstal
Luckily for equality, Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal--a Democrat naturally--has vowed to never allow such an amendment to come up for debate.

Sorenson called the debate over same-sex marriage “my generation’s defining moment.” Wow, so he wants his generation's defining moment to be one where he tells people that the Constitution doesn't apply to them?

Let me say this again: if your personal beliefs are that homosexuality is wrong, and that gay people don't deserve equal rights, that's okay. See, this is America, and you get to believe and say whatever you want. And if your religion teaches you that homosexuality is wrong and that marriage has traditionally been a one man/one woman concept--which it hasn't--then that's all right, too.

But what isn't all right is for you to use your personal beliefs, or your religion, to deny rights to people in this country. It says "All men are created equal" for a reason.

Stay strong Iowa.



Sam said...

Exactly, equality is why Bill and I are getting married by the State of Iowa. Yes. In Feb. 2011

Traditions. you know I heard someone running their pie hole about traditions and what not.
Do people really want to go back to traditions? I. Dont. Think. they. do. and don't traditions have to start somewhere? How about gay marriage becoming a tradition!

Bob said...

"How about gay marriage becoming a tradition!"

What an excellent idea!
And congrats on the upcoming wedding!