Thursday, December 06, 2018


The other day, while in our home office working on this here blog thingy, Carlos appeared at the door, an envelope in hand:
“Is there something you need to tell me?”
“I don’t think so. Why?”
“This came in the mail for you. It’s a renewal from for membership to the NRA.”
"What the … lemme see that!”
I took it from him and, sure enough, it was a renewal form for the NRA; but there was something else … I said to Carlos:
“Do you know me?”
"Yes, but—”
“You know me? What’s my name?”
"What? I don’t—”
“I’m your husband, Bob, and this is addressed to Richard Thornhill who lives two doors down!”
This week George Conway, husband of _____ lapdog Kellyanne, suggested in a tweet that _____ was guilty of witness tampering in the Mueller investigation. And the Dumb _____, Eric, didn’t like that, and accused Conway of showing “utter disrespect” towards his wife:
“Of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect George Conway shows toward his wife, her career, place of work, and everything she has fought SO hard to achieve, might top them all. [Kellyanne] is great person and frankly his actions are horrible.”
Seriously? Eric _____, son of Donald, is going to school someone on how to be a good husband?

His own father cheated on his mother, announced, while still married to Eric’s mom, that his new mistress was the “best sex” he’d ever had, but cheated on that mistress-turned wife with a mistress who became his third wife, and cheated on her with porn stars and beauty pageant contestants. And George Conway disrespected his wife?

Take a seat, Eric, you’re an idiot.

PS Any man who defrauds a children’s cancer fund out of millions of dollars really shouldn’t discuss anyone’s character.

I wasn’t a fan of 41, and openly reviled W, but every chance I get to see W interact with Michelle Obama makes me smile a little more … like at the funeral yesterday when he greeted her and slipped a piece of candy into her hand as she had to him at McCain’s funeral.

I loved that. And I loved the look on Melanie’s face; clearly, she’s never seen a random act of kindness.

And, I, too, got choked up when W choked up at the end of his eulogy. I know the loss of a parent and he reminded me of that yesterday.
In Sorry, Not Sorry News …after the 9/11, for a hot second, Rudy Giuliani was considered the most popular mayor in the country, but things have changed in the intervening years.

It appears that a planned 25th anniversary celebration of Giuliani’s election win was cancelled due to a lack of interest, with party planners struggling to find guests to attend, or anyone to speak favorably of Rudy.

Poor man, he tried to turn the deaths of 3,000 Americans into a political dynasty, and all he got was the pleasure of being _____’s little whipping boy.

Sorry, not sorry.
In Karma Is A Bitch I’d Like To Have Cocktails With … gay alt-right asshat Milo Yiannopoulos is more than $2 million in debt.

He apparently owes $1.6m to his own company, $400,000 to the Mercers, $153,215 to his former lawyers, $76,574 to former collaborator Allum Bokhari, and $20,000 to the luxury jewelry brand Cartier.

Take a seat, Karma, the first round is on me!
Last week Starbucks announced that they’re going to be installing a blocker on the WiFi in all of their U.S. stores to prevent people from accessing porn site while sipping a Pumpkin Spiced latte and choking their Pumpkin Spiced Chicken.

In retaliation, the management team at YouPorn has banned all Starbucks products from their offices.

So, apparently no one will be spanking the monkey while drinking a half decaf, half caf, skim, double foam, triple macchiato with caramel sauce.
Yes, I am an Awards Show Queen™. I love all of them, even the People’s Choice, er, E! People’s Choice Awards—okay, I kid about that, I loathe that show. But the Oscars? C’mon; I live for Oscar night.

But this year the Oscars have chosen one of my least favorite performers of all time to host the show: Kevin Hart. Some folks think he’s funny; he’s not. Some folks think he’s talented; he’s not.

What he is, is a man who cheated on his pregnant wife, lied about it, made fun of the cheating rumors, then admitted the rumors were true.

In the era of #MeToo the Oscars have picked an adulterer to host their big show.

Oh, and he makes gay jokes because, you know, gay is funny … to little men who cheat on their wives like Kevin Hart.

Of course, I’ll still watch, but I’ll fast forward through Kevin Hart.
More Sorry, Not Sorry? Okay … last week Broward Sheriff’s Office SWAT member Matt Patten wore a QAnon conspiracy-theory patch while greeting Vice President Michael Elizabeth Pence at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

This week Patten was reprimanded and demoted from the SWAT team and BSO’s Office of Homeland Security.

For the uninitiated, QAnon is an internet conspiracy theory that claims _____ is secretly working to arrest a small group of high-level pedophiles in Hollywood and the Democratic Party.

But Pence allowed himself to be photographed with the asshat, until the story went viral and then he deleted the snapshot.

So, here it is …

I know Trump's go-to posture is "arms crossed" over his prominent gut, but at the funeral of a President?

Sad, pathetic, lonely, pitiful, hate-filled, bloated man.
Two hotties this week … one political, and one Scottish; yeah, I know that makes no sense… sue me.

Anyway, Brian Tyler Cohen is an actor and host of Occupy Democrats on Facebook; he’s dreamy, a Democrat, and politically savvy. What’s not to love?

Then there’s Richard Rankin, who plays Roger Wakefield on Outlander. He’s dreamy and Scottish; what’s not to love?

See, there is a connection!


mistress maddie said...

I have to say, do you feel un nerves your neighbor got a renewal to the NRA????

I want a fan of all the Bush politics, but they are good people and can respect they did love their country.....unlike the dumps.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Throwing wet paper towels at Trump's perp walk? From that tweet to God's ear!

the dogs' mother said...

The tweets! :-)
and, of course, ((Carlos))

LEfting said...

I hope you accidentally put that NRA form in the garbage...oops! Sorry.

Harry Hamid said...

Well, the NRA is not doing very well, financially, these days, so maybe "Hey! Can we trick you into thinking this is actually a renewal?" might be a way to bring in some cash.

We used to get things like that somewhere I once worked - companies that disguised things as renewals hoping that someone who didn't know any better would believe it was something we were already doing and simply forward it to payables.

But don't help the NRA. (I know I don't need to say that!)

Frank said...

I received a solicitation from the NRA,(have no clue how they got my address), took the enclosed "no postage required" envelope and sent it back with a "how dare you" note enclosed.

BootsandBraids said...

Well, I suppose it would be illegal to misplace your neighbor's mail and let his membership lapse, but just a thought. I'm so glad someone has finally voiced not being a fan of 41. With so much praise for him going on, I've been biting my tongue about reminding everyone of his involvement in bullying Anita Hill in support of Clarence Thomas. And btw, where was his buddy Thomas at the funeral?

Dave R said...

That shot of W leaning in front of the Idiot Jerk is priceless.

Any minutes now Milo will be pimping his ass on Charturbate in his desperate search for liquidity.

The Tweet is monumental... that's right, it's monumental!

So, if Rankin runs around in a kilt that would make him 3 for 3

anne marie in philly said...

I LOVE CARLOS! shred that NRA propaganda!

ewwick is a brain damaged dope, as are ghouliana and milo.

GHWB and W are meh; not a fan of either.

kevin hart just threw a birthday party for his kid - a "cowboys and indians" party. racist much, kevin?

AlexandriaVic said...

Forget the NRA story...We love OUR Carlos...When is the "I Should Be Laughing Potluck"...Let me know when the sign-up sheet is posted...We have to meet the yen to your yang CARLOS...Team Carlos...He would make my day brighter...

Mitchell is Moving said...

Carlos Jerry Carlos Jerry. I get so confused!

I'm a day behind; you've probably already posted about Kevin Hart pulling out...