Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Betsy DeVos' Gun Violence Commission Ignored Guns, While Punishing Minority Students

Shortly after seventeen people were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the _____ administration, and their lack of interest, concern, care, empathy with those who had died, came under fire for doing nothing to protect students.

But then some of those surviving students became activists, outspoken, loud, who condemned the White House for their inaction, and suddenly _____ thought he might need to do something.

You know, cuz ignoring dead students isn’t a good look on anyone, even the Fat Bastard. So, ____commanded Betsy DeVos, his ill-equipped, laughably unqualified, woefully inept Secretary of Education  to create a commission to study the epidemic of gun violence in schools and come up with recommendations to make schools safer.

Kinda like allowing the wolves to run the hen house. Except, slower, and lazier. See, it took Betsy a while to set up her commission—she was probably hoping the activist students would get tired—but when she finally did get around to appointing members to her team, she named four _____ Cabinets Secretaries— herself, the Attorney General, HHS Secretary Alex Azar, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen—no Democrats, no students and not one single expert on gun violence.

Then, while testifying before Congress, DeVos admitted that her commission on gun violence in schools would not focus … not focus … on the role of guns in school shootings. Yes, they would study gun violence without studying the role of guns. But then it got worse.

While her commission worked … and I jest in saying that … Betsy DeVos announced a plan to allow schools to use federal funds to buy guns because more guns is always the answer, especially when you, your boss and his entire administration is beholden to the once-deep pockets of the NRA.

And then it got worse … more worse … even worse. This week _____ and DeVos are using that school safety commission to rescind or roll back Obama-era guidelines that were designed to protect Black and other minority students from racially-motivated punishments, while suggesting they are responsible for a rise in school violence.

Yes, this is what DeVos concluded from her year-long study of gun violence in schools … that Obama-era guidelines needed to go; not guns, but a set of criteria to make sure minority students were not unfairly disciplined. Not a word about guns, or the murder of students in schools.

Oh, and that whole subject about how black and minority students are responsible for gun violence in school? Complete and utter bull shiz; the Parkland shooter is white, as are most school shooters, but, hey, let’s blame it on the black and brown kids so we can satisfy our base. But facts are facts, Betsy, and these are facts:

Black and brown students are three times more likely to be punished.

Black and brown girls are suspended six times more than white girls.

Black and brown boys are suspended three times more than white boys.

This is just another way to attack those students who are considered ‘other,’ or, you know, not white.

Remember that Betsy DeVos' first act on the job was to rescind Obama-era guidance protecting the civil rights of transgender students. She then rescinded guidance protecting students with disabilities. DeVos has worked to expand protections for accused rapists—like her boss—and others accused of sexual misconduct, including assault and harassment.

This has nothing to do with guns, nothing to do with students being murdered in schools, but everything to do with undoing the work of our first black, and best, presidents, and targeting any and all minority students as the problem.

This is the racist agenda of _____ and Betsy DeVos, plain and simple. And when we oust the Fat Bastard from office, it’s gonna take a lot of work putting this country back together again.


  1. And this is surprising because.....?

  2. This bitch isn't even worthy to lick my kitchen floor clean.

  3. It's almost as though our federal government is being run by internet trolls.

    Which, in a way, I suppose it kind of is.

  4. You have to remember that Betsy DeVos is a white, racist phony Christian who believes she's special because she's rich. Oh, and don't forget, Republicans always blame minorities.

  5. The world will never be the same again, no matter who is elected. The Criminal in Chief has so thoroughly debased not only America but international cooperation.

  6. Not been expecting anything good from her
    except resignation...

  7. Not to fan the race flames, but I actually don't remember any person of color doing a mass school shooting, or any girl/woman for that matter, so clearly we can see from this that it's totally the fault of guys belonging to visible minority groups.

  8. Nice article as well as whole site.Thanks for sharing


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