Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Screw Your 'Thoughts and Prayers' ... They're Meaningless

After the events yesterday in Las Vegas—a polite way of saying after the terrorist attack on concert-goers where nearly six hundred people  were killed or wounded—I was on social media reading the reports and one thing I noticed that really, really pissed me off: prayers for Las Vegas.

Prayers? Really? Or, for those who might not pray, or be part of any organized religious cult, “thoughts.” Prayers and thoughts.

Are prayers and thoughts going to bring back the 58 dead in Vegas? Heal the 500-plus victims? I mean, what a nice gesture right? Prayers and thoughts. But what good are they, those, in my opinion, meaningless words.

Did your prayers and thoughts stop gun violence after the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999?

Howsabout all those prayers for the twelve people shot dead in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater in 2012? How’d your prayers work out then?

And what about Pulse nightclub, just last year, when 49 people were killed? Did the prayers help?

At Virginia Tech in 2007 when 32 people were murdered? At Sandy Hook in 2012 when 26 adults and children were gunned down? How’d those prayers do then? And what about the Charleston shooting that left nine people dead?

San Bernardino; Fort Hood; Killeen,Texas; San Bernardino; Binghamton, New York; Washington Navy YardSan Ysidro, California; Austin, Texas; Edmond, Oklahoma; Lawrence, Kansas; Memphis; New Orleans.

Need more ... go HERE and see the list of the 1700 people killed, 6,000 people wounded by gun violence in this country alone. That’s a lot of praying and what good has it done?

Oh, it makes you feel better? Really? Praying makes you feel better, but it does nothing for the victims and does nothing for common sense gun control in this country. It did nothing to stop the Las Vegas shooter from purchasing forty-two weapons ... not to mention the bomb-making materials.

Look, you want a gun? Good for you, but do not even try to make sense of someone who has amassed a personal arsenal of over forty weapons; there is absolutely no need for that unless ... yeah, mass shooter. So your thoughts and prayers won’t help.

You know what works better than prayers and thoughts? Calling your Congressional Representatives and the House and Senate and demanding that they do something, and then, if they don’t, vote them out of office because every time there is a mass shooting in this country—and there’s one on average of every nine days—and you just pray, you might as well be holding a gun yourself because you are doing nothing to stop this mess.

I mean, as the bodies were piling up in Las Vegas yesterday the White House actually said “Now is not the time to talk gun control.” Really? When is the time? In a few days when _____ Tweets something about an actress he doesn’t like or a football on his knee, or ignores hurricane victims or plays golf or threatens nuclear war and we forget all about Las Vegas? Is that the time?

No, the time is now, because your thoughts and prayers don’ work; they’re meaningless. They’re a way for you to feel better about 600 people being shot.

Six hundred people wounded or dead and all you got are prayers and good thoughts.

How’s that working out for you?


John Gray said...

I cannot understand the mentality of middle America
If you have to bear arms, arm yourself with a pistol
Stop all automatic weapons .
That's a bloody start

the dogs' mother said...

Go Bob!

Raybeard said...

With he-who-shan't-be-named having gone all God-conscious since becoming POTUS, I just wonder if he was so piously devotional prior to the election - or could it be that feels that for his own job security he's got to keep his God-base on-side? Surely not! (Silly thought!)

anne marie in philly said...


Leeanna Henderson said...

Great post!! You said everything I wanted to say yesterday but couldn't. I was in total shock. How someone could take so many lives in less than 15 minutes. What the fuck is the government going to do? Not a fucking thing. Congress is bought and paid for by the NRA. Things will never change because of the NRA.

Linda deV said...

No, no, no......you guys just don't understand! Out esteemed president was very busy, too busy to be dealing with gun control issues. He was presenting a "GOLF TROPHY" to the Puerto Rican (and other) victims of the hurricans. A golf trophy! Not just any golf trophy, a special, very special, the specialist golf trophy ever!

What the bloody hell?

Mitchell is Moving said...

You're so right, Bob. But, wait! The White House says now is not the time to talk about this.

Birdie said...

The ironic thing. The people who pray are the ones who own guns. I don’t say this to be argumentative. I really want to know how this God they speak of that abhors murder feels about guns? If a gun is not for murdering, what it is for? And it it is for protection, can’t their God protect them? I don’t understand. I want a God loving, gun owner to explain it to me.

Professor Chaos said...

Thoughts and prayers are the most useless things anyone can offer in these situations. Especially from elected officials. Thoughts and prayers are what you send to someone who has just been diagnosed with cancedr or whose spouse has died. Thoughts and prayers are for situations where you can't actually do anything. We can do something about this country's gun violence epidemic. We just choose to send thoughts and prayers instead.

Dave R said...

I think the real problem is that straight Republicans just can not come to terms with their phallic worship and so suck on their guns instead.

Helen Lashbrook said...

What is it about gun control that is so repellent to those who have guns? In the UK we got rid of personal weapons (with a few very regulated exceptions). The world did not end. A few people groused and the world continued to spin. But when a country with 4.2% of the world's population has 49% of civilian held guns, isn't it time to say enough is MORE than enough?