Thursday, June 23, 2016

Random Musings

There was a conspiracy theory going around at the start of the presidential campaign that [t]Rump was bought and paid for by the Clinton’s to secure the GOP nomination and then tank the election so Hillary wins.

Now, while it looks like that’s what’s happening, as [t]Rump’s poll numbers are falling faster than his wife’s outfits at a photo shoot, I never believed that [t]Rump would consciously lose anything because then he’d be a loser and y’all know he hates losers.

But what about this? What if it was the GOP who got [t]Rump to run and then urged him to tank so at the last minute they could put in a real candidate who might win?

Of course, that would be assuming the GOP had a real candidate … and they didn’t and don’t … and it would also assume that, yet again, [t]Rump would be the loser.

Still, I do love a good conspiracy theory.
In the wake of the Orlando shooting, John McCain, the Grampa of the GOP, and failed presidential candidate, placed blame for the shooting in President Obama’s lap … only to backtrack hours later because he’s a loon.

On the Senate floor, McCain said "Barack Obama is directly responsible for" because when Obama "pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaida went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama's failures, utter failures, by pulling everybody out of Iraq."

Of course, again, McCain is full of The Shiz and as everyone jumped on him for his lunacy he tried to spin it saying he "misspoke":
"I did not mean to imply that the President was personally responsible. I was referring to President Obama’s national security decisions, not the President himself."
Except that he said three times, Obama was "directly responsible."

All that from John McCain who, and I am saying this clearly, is “directly responsible” for Sarah Palin, and is “directly responsible” for ISIS because he supported the war in Iraq.

Gramps needs to put on his Bermuda shorts, grab a  Pabst Blue Ribbon and sit on the porch and be quiet.
Carlos and I love Vicious, a BBC program that airs, or aired, here on PBS, about an elderly gay couple played by Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.

It was bitchy and fun and kinda vicious, and it co-starred a young man, Iwan Rheon, who played Ash, who was kinda cute, in that height challenged pale Brit kind of way.

Well, last Sunday was the series finale, and Ash was leaving London to go to school in New York and another young man, Oliver, moved in upstairs. Oliver was played by Alistair Brammer and was all kinds of hot … and in just one small snippet of the show’s ending.

Still, he was hot while he lasted.
Donald [t]Rump met with what he hopes will be his evangelical council when he’s elected president and it’s a who’s who of who hates The Gays.

Former Wingnut, Crazy-eyed, failed Presidential candidate and Representative Michelle Bachmann, who co-owns an ex-gay torture clinic with her wife Marcussssss Bachmann, is the first name on the list.

Uh huh.  Others named to the board include Focus On The Family founder James Dobson, former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed, and anti-gay preacher Harry Jackson.

Is it an evangelical council or a [t]Rump-endorsed Hate Squad?
Citing the Orlando shooting the statement — some fifty, mostly LGBT groups, led by the Arcus Foundation — says LGBT people remain vulnerable to bias-motivated violence, especially transgender people and LGBT people of color:
“Any solutions to the problem of hate violence, including anti-LGBTQ violence, must address the alarmingly easy access that bigots have to such deadly weapons. For example, under current law, people convicted of violent hate crimes can legally buy and possess guns. This is unacceptable.”

The statement calls on Congress to take two approaches to combat gun violence:
1) prevent known and suspected terrorists and those convicted of violent hate crimes from legally buying guns;
2) ensure criminal background checks are required on all gun sales, including online and at gun shows.
Among the signers of statement are national LGBT groups like HRC, GLAAD, OutServe-SLDN, the National Center for Transgender Equality and Pride at Work as well as local LGBT groups like Equality Alabama, Fair Wisconsin and Gay Men’s Health Crisis.

Maybe The Gays and our allies can get this done!
So … Apple told Republican leaders it will not provide any funding or any other support for the party’s 2016 presidential convention, as it has done in the past because … [t]Rump’s controversial comments about women, immigrants and minorities.

While Facebook, Google and Microsoft say they will provide some support to the GOP event in Cleveland, Apple said:
Oh hell no.
Apple’s political stand against Trump is a sign of the widening schism between Silicon Valley and the GOP’s asshat nominee.

Good on Apple, eh?
Last week I talked about the Baptist “pastor” in Sacramento who preached about how not enough gay people were killed in Orlando. And now it looks like hate might cost him his church.

Harsch Investment Properties, owner of the building in which Verity Baptist Church and its Pastor Roger Jimenez preside have decided not to renew the church’s lease, and have asked church officials to consider moving.

While Harsch cannot legally evict the church under the terms of the lease, representatives of the property management company say they cannot tolerate “tenants who advocate hatred and the taking of innocent lives.”

Officials communicated their views to church officials, and while their lease does not expire until March 31, 2017, the property managers have asked them to consider moving out of the business park.

I guess hate might have to find a new place to set up shop … might I suggest Hell?
So, howsabout this Democratic sit-in? Cool stuff, especially watching Lyin' Paul Ryan try to maintain order to no avail.

The best part of all was Ryan's calling it nothing but a publicity stunt when 90% of Americans, including 90% of Republicans, and the Democrats, want some form of gun control, some kind of change to the gun laws, and the Republicans can't do anything but wipe the blood off their hands — hint, it won't come off  and cash those NRA checks.

Speaking of publicity stunts ...


Dave R said...

McCain should have retired a long time ago, and most sane people believe Isl (or what ever it's called) started to explode when W. Bush disbanded the Iraqi army, firing over 250,000 armed men/

anne marie in philly said...

mccain needs to put a sock in it and take a dirt nap.

h8 group the rump is forming.

"publicity stunt" my fat str8 white ass! WE THE PEOPLE are pissed off!

Blobby said...

Maybe "directly" is the new "literally". No one knows how to use it correctly, so much so that the meaning has somewhat changed.

As for Donny - and i'm not a conspiracy guy - but you've read my posts of the last year: "what's his end-game....bc I don't believe it's the White House". I've thought of this theory a degree, but I just don't know anymore. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

the dogs' mother said...

Apple :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

Now stay calm dear, but I met Alistair Brammer at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol when we were flying out a couple years ago. Had no idea who he was then till I later googled him when he said he was an actor. I believe at the time he was starting Miss Saigon in London. We were in the flight lounge and he was downright very friendly and talkative. I also believe he was seeing a girl. Bummer. So I was beyond THRILLED to see him on the already last show of Vicious. BUMMER! I understand the show wrapped already because of the busy schedules of all the actors on there.

Helen Lashbrook said...

While the NRA has its stranglehold on Republican (and some Democrat) politicians, even straightforward proposals that seem totally logical will not pass. On the terror watch list and can buy a gun? Convicted of hate crimes and can buy a gun? It just doesn't make sense