Friday, June 10, 2016

I Didn't Say It ...

Michelle Obama, on Donald [t]Rump — without even sasying his name — during a commencement speech at City College New York:

"[Some folks out there today] seem to view our diversity as a threat to be contained rather than as a resource to be tapped. They tell us to be afraid of those who are different, to be suspicious of those with whom we disagree. They act as if name-calling is an acceptable substitute for thoughtful debate. As if anger and intolerance should be our default state rather than optimism and openness that have always been the engine of our progress. But graduates, I can tell you that as First Lady, I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, and visiting dozens of different countries, and I have seen what happens when ideas like these take hold. I have seen how leaders rule by intimidation, leaders who demonize and dehumanize entire groups of people often do so because they have nothing else to offer. And I have seen how places that stifle the voices and dismiss the potential of their citizens are diminished, how they are less vital, less hopeful, less free. Graduates that is not who we are. That is not what this country stands for. No, no, here in America, we don’t let our differences tear us apart. Not here."

And not today, Satan.
I loves me some Michelle, and cannot wait until Hillary’s eight years are up and Michelle Obama runs for office.
Just sayin’.
Joanna Lumley, on Patsy Stone her gay icon character from Absolutely Fabulous:

“You go back and pick through it, the amount of gay references and ease with which it’s been put into the story, without it being dragged along like a great log of plot. It’s really normal that one of [Edina’s] ex-husbands now lives with his young boyfriend. It’s completely normal that [Edina] wants [her daughter] Saffy to be a lesbian or that Serge [Edina’s son] is gay and living in New York. [So] it’s completely normal that Patsy is transgender.”

Plus, hasn’t she said it several times on the series already?
Enrique Peña Nieto, president of Mexico, on why he acted on marriage equality:

“Building a Society of Rights means there is no room for first- and second-class citizens. It means choosing inclusion over discrimination. It means creating unity from diversity.”

These are beautiful words coming from the president of a very religious, very Catholic country.
Times do change.
Donald Trump, defending his racist rhetoric:

“It is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage. I am friends with and employ thousands of people of Mexican and Hispanic descent. The American justice system relies on fair and impartial judges. All judges should be held to that standard. I do not feel that one’s heritage makes them incapable of being impartial, but, based on the rulings that I have received in the Trump University civil case, I feel justified in questioning whether I am receiving a fair trial.”

See, he’s not a racist! He has Mexicans working for him. It’s just the one who won’t do his bidding, Judge Gonzalo Curiel, that’s the problem.
He’s not racist, y’all … some of his best friends ….


krayolakris said...

In case you haven't seen yet, check out for his response to Brock Turner's father.

the dogs' mother said...

Michelle Obama :-)

brewella deville said...

To people like Donald Trump, anyone who speaks "Mexican," and yes he would use the term "Mexican" instead of the correct term Spanish, is a Mexican. Five bucks says he has no idea what the word Hispanic even means. Ten bucks says by September the staffer who wrote that response for him will be joining the rest of the campaign staff to sue Trump when he stiffs them on payday.

anne marie in philly said...

rump employs "mexicans" to cut his lawns and clean his homes and hotel rooms; probably pays them less than minimum wage too. the rump needs to be stopped!

Professor Chaos said...

From what I hear, he employs plenty of people of Mexican descent, he just doesn't always get around to paying them.

BloggerJoe said...

Michelle as Prez, you say? I'd go for that! Patsy as transgender? Watch the episode where they go to Morocco. They make reference to that throughout.

Helen Lashbrook said...

It's amazing that the Strumpet has friends among all those groups he denigrates. Doesn't he realise that he hurts his 'friends' when he denigrates their families and friends....or is he lying about the diversity of his relationships...or does the Strumpet imagine that having Muslims, Hispanics, blacks, etc., etc. working for him makes them his friends?

Moving with Mitchell said...

I adore Michelle Obama.

Donald Trump's brain was "misconstrued" at birth.

Fearsome Beard said...

I'll jump on the Michelle adoration bandwagon.
I think Enrique is a great leader and Joanna wonderful.
There, I've successfully complimented all the worthwhile people in this post.