Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Did [t]Rump Buy His Way Out Of Another ... And Another ... Trump U Investigation?

Back in 2010, when Texas Governor, and Republican, Greg Abbott was serving as Texas’ Attorney General he opened a civil investigation into the "possibly deceptive trade practices" into [t]Rump University and guess what he found?

Oh, we’ll never know because Abbott dropped the investigation when [t]Rump U agreed to end its operations in Texas.

And that’s when Greg Abbott received a $35,000 donation to his gubernatorial campaign from … wait for it … Donald [t]Rump. And naturally, now, Greg Abbott is not talking.

This all comes to light right after a federal judge in California labeled [t]Rump's portrayal of his real estate seminar course as an uncontroversial operation. Instead, the manuals reflect boiler-room sales tactics with the proceeds going mostly to … wait for it … Donald [t]Rump.

In fact, many of those who bought into [t]Rump Scam, er, University ended up paying as much as $34,995 for what was purported to be private mentoring with supposed real estate experts.

Huh, so let’s assume that at least one person paid roughly $35,000 for the course; isn’t that almost the exact amount [t]Rump gave Abbott as a campaign donation after Abbott stopped investigating [t]Rump U?

Nothing to see there, people, move along.

Except now, in addition to that judge in California, New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is also suing [t]Rump over [t]Rump U in separate but similar case.  Schneiderman claims [t]Rump usually keeps his hands clean in some of his more dirty deals by noting that his only financial involvement was adding his name to the organization, but in the case of [t]Rump U, [t]Rump wanted the business — and profits — for himself.

[t]Rump has defended [t]Rump U by citing surveys in which 98% of students say they were pleased with the program, but, BUT, those surveys were taken before the students had experienced the full program. An even higher percentage demanded refunds from the “school,” complaining that [t]Rump U was a rip-off.

In 2010, when the Better Business Bureau gave the school a D-minus — its second-lowest grade — state regulators, like Greg Abbott, began to take notice. Until, you know, Abbott suddenly decided he’d just let [t]Rump U leave Texas, and all those people who lost thousands of dollars, in exchange, perhaps, for a substantial campaign donation.

And this isn’t an isolated incident; Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi had considered joining with New York in a multi-state suit against [t]Rump U but just three days after it was announced that Bondi was reviewing the New York lawsuit, the Donald J. Trump Foundation made a $25,000 contribution to Bondi's re-election campaign.
And then Pam Bondi, another Republican, dropped her investigation, citing insufficient grounds to proceed.
This is your GOP, and your GOP nominee for the presidency; stealing from hardworking people and then paying off folks to stop investigating him.


the dogs' mother said...

This, I think, explains, Trump's cries of 'he's a Mexican!!' about the judge. Try and drag the media's attention away with an outrageous statement.

Professor Chaos said...

Jeez. Abbot is such a scumbag, I'm surprised he evenneede to be bribed. I would assume that a 1-percenter ripping off gullible people would be A-OK I'm Abbot's book.

MMTampa said...

This is far from the first time for Bondi at the bribery rodeo. She often (and I must emphasize "often") finds herself embroiled in news stories where her personal judgement is sketchy and rarely passes a smell test. This is business as usual for her and Rick Scott.