Monday, July 10, 2017

Since Daddy Took Ivanka To Work, Little Donny Jr Found A Way To Get Daddy's Attention

Well, while _____ was letting Ivanka play dress-up and sit at the World Leader’s table at the G20 summit over the weekend, and while he was heaping praise upon her, saying she was a “champion,” and while he was giving $50 million from the United States to her little program, Donny Jr was sitting at home trying to find a way to get Daddy’s attention.

As usual he sank to a level almost too low to see.

Little Donny Jr, who politicized the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, and who cried and urged the firing of Kathy Griffin over the severed head photo, and urged people to skip Johnny Depp movies after Depp said something stupid, is following in those footsteps.

After his Daddy posted a video on Twitter of the President of the United States violently attacking, and ultimately destroying, the CNN avatar, Junior posted a video of Daddy engaged in air combat with the CNN avatar before ultimately using a missile to destroy it. And he reTweeted it with this:
“One of the best I’ve seen.”
Complete with America flag emojis because ... ain’t that America.

And it cannot go unnoticed that this reTweet occurred after President-For-Now _____ shared a laugh at the expense of the press with Vladimir Putin,  a man who has allegedly murdered journalists.

But hey, it’s the _____’s; they go low.

Or maybe Donny was trying to distract from the story that he, along with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort have all lied about meeting with Russia to find dirt on Hillary Clinton to use in the campaign last year. Little Donny said he spoke to the Russians about “adoption” but maybe what he meant was “adopting” a treasonous policy.

Fuck ‘em all.


anne marie in philly said...

sen. susan collins has requested dump jr to appear before the senate intelligence (an oxymoron) committee (I think) to testify about this matter. he'll lie under oath just like all the other dumptards and GOPricks.

the dogs' mother said...

Why is this not surprising?...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jared Kushner is sure keeping a low profile these days, isn't he? At one time he was EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.

Raybeard said...

A family (both actual and 'extended') of c*nts. No surprise at all to find that one of the off-shoots from big daddy confirms himself yet again as being a prize c*nt-let.

mistress maddie said...

The lot of them need to be hung from cheese wire.

Fearsome Beard said...

Poor Eric.
Oops, did I just type that out loud?

Helen Lashbrook said...

I see that there is a suggestion that little Don is being thrown under the bus to save gormless Jared....a masterstroke by President Bannon?