Thursday, July 06, 2017

Random Musings

So, people hoping to visit Island Beach State Park over the long weekend were not allowed to because of the state government shutdown that Governor Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie ordered amid the state budget standoff.

But, oddly enough, some folks did get a chance to use that beach, free of crowds ... Governor Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie and his family.

Oh, but they were only allowed to use it because they are also using the summer beach house provided by the state for a weekend down the Shore.

No budget standoff will stop Christie from going all beached whale in Jersey.

Asshat. Luckily he cannot run for governor again, but I can’t wait for him to run again at the White House and people bringing up BridgeGate and BullyGate and now BeachGate.

I mean, no chance he’d get elected after all that, especially when you throw in the fact that if he was elected President we’d have to pay to change the name of the plane from Air Force One to Air Force Tom.

Thank you! I’m here all week!
And the funny continued down at another beach, open for those pesky “regular folk” who created a sand sculpture of Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie. 

It's sand on the outside and cheese in the middle.
We watched Snowden the other night, about accused spy, traitor, bad guy, Edward Snowden. Good movie; of course that was partly due to Joseph Gordon Leavitt, whom I really like as an actor, and, yeah, as some eye candy.

Of course it also starred, clockwise from JGL, Ben Schnetzer as a government hacker, Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, as a kind of nerdy computer guy, and the openly gay and openly adorable Zachary Quinto as a journalist helping Snowden get his story out.

Like I said, good story, and some Hot Men. Win.Win.
Dear House Democrats:

Sit the fuck down.

Love, Bob.

Oh, you need more? Well, the campaign arm for House Democrats out a new campaign slogan:
“I mean, have you seen the other guys?”
Seriously? You want us to take you seriously and this is the shiz you’re spouting?
Go on then, do it, get voted out and give us four more years of _____ and the GOP.

I have a slogan for House Democrats:
“Fucking do something!”
Just sayin’.
Oops, Gay Orgies and Pope Francis! It seems Frankie is furious about an ALLEGED gay orgy at the apartment of a senior Cardinal.

Apparently Vatican police raided an apartment that belongs to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith—AKA the Holy Office—after neighbors complained of loud noise. One of the jobs of the Holy Office is to deal with clerical sexual abuse.

Huh, maybe they were just getting a handle on what that means?
Oops! The Indiana GOP and trying to drum up support for an Obamacare repeal.

It seems Indiana Republicans called for people to share “Obamacare horror stories” on social media, but the only horror many people expressed was at the idea of losing it if the GOP repeal plan passes Congress. 

Talk about not knowing your audience! Here are some of those responses: 
“Obamacare means that my baby who fought leukemia and won can’t be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. Obamacare means she gets the care she needs and we don’t have to choose between her health and keeping our home.”
“The real horror story was before the ACA when I wasn't covered for a pre-existing condition.”
“I started my own company since the ACA passed. I know quite a lot of others who have done the same thing now that affordable healthcare is not tied to an employer.”
ACA worked well for me. Great service/support. Great docs/hospitals. Please appropriate more $$ to improve online experience-that would help.”
“As a breast cancer survivor I was dropped by 2 insurance companies before joining ICHIA, Indiana’s high risk pool. Obamacare was such a huge relief!! Not only was the cost of my insurance about 10% of what I had been paying monthly for over a decade, I actually got to see doctors and physical therapists to fix long neglected medical problems.”
Sorry, GOP, even your base is against you on this one, so let’s stop pretending it’s about fixing healthcare and say what it actually is: ruining what the black guy accomplished because, yeah, he’s a black guy.
So, I have Edition 2 of Hot Men, er, Hot Man.

There’s a piece of fluff TV show about a talk show with five female hosts—it’s written by former Viewster Star Jones—that is kinda dishy and fun; it stars Vanessa Williams, whom I have always liked.

But it also has McKinley Freeman as Williams’ son and he is sizzling especially in the shirt off department.

Let’s just say I do a lot of DVR playback when Freeman is on screen.
Ivanka? Suck it.

While appearing, where else, on Fox News, Daddy’s Little Girl squeeeeed this one out:
 “I am proud on so many levels, and really traveling this country has made me even more of a proud American today than at any other point in my life. You see the spirit, the tenacity. You see the sacrifice. You meet with soldiers and sailors and their families, and you think about all the things that they’re doing to ensure that the America we know remains true and can continue on.”
First off, Fox, is it me or did you miss Ivanka saying she was more proud to be an American now? Surely you must have because when Michelle Obama said the same thing eight years ago you blasted her as unAmerican because ... oh yeah, black.

Cuz when a white girl says it, its okay; especially a rich white girl.

All y’all sit the fuck down.
Yeah, I had a long holiday weekend ... thanks Independence Day ... but some folks had to work and kvetched all over social media about it.

I’m looking at you, Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. The former ... thanks the goddess ... South Carolina governor, expressed her dismay over missing Fourth of July fireworks because North Korea decided to test an intercontinental ballistic missile officials say is capable of hitting Alaska.

Haley Tweeted:
“Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea.”
And Twitter went for her:
Kevin Allred:
“it's called public SERVICE you stupid cow. #ThanksNorthKorea for keeping her racist ass off the streets today.”
“The amount of arrogance in this tweet is baffling. Is serving the American people an inconvenience for you? If so, feel free to step down.”
Kelly Scaletta:
“Uhm. You know that the 4th of July isn't an international holiday, right?”
Justice Girl:
“#ThanksNorthKorea?? Seriously, our government is being run by a bunch of 1st graders who engage in world diplomacy via Twitter. #resign.”
Tom Maxwell:
“Spending my 4th hoping we don’t get dragged into a war by a psychotic megalomaniac. Or that guy from North Korea.”
Shannon Watts:
“Meanwhile, Donald Trump went golfing for 36th time since becoming president and Nikki Haley has the sadz she's in North Korea meetings."
I was gonna go for one of my own, but there are priceless.

And Nikki Haley is now all of our problem and not just South Carolina.
The other day, as we were leaving for work, Ozzo began this barking at nothing and so I said, to the dog, because I speak dog:
“Ozzo! Knock it off or I’ll kick you till your dead.”
Sidenote: that’s a paraphrase of a line from Moonstruck where Olympia Dukakis’ character tells her father-in-law that if he gives any more of her food to his dogs, she’ll kick him till he’s dead.

So, Carlos says to me:
“He’s just barking! It’s called Free Speech.”
“Ah, but this house is a dictatorship, and I’m the dick.”
And Carlos says:
Tell me.”
So, thanks to Towelroad, we now have a list of some of the hottest men in films this year.

Yes, I posted about the Hot Men in Snowden and I posted about the Hot Man on Daytime Divas, and now I’m posting more Hot Men because this is my blog, and the men are hot, and it’s hot and I’m hot and ... where was I?

Oh, yeah, men ... here they are:

Paul Hamy as “Fernando” in The Ornithologist. Sam Claflin as “Philip” in My Cousin Rachel.

Colin Farrell as “Corporal McBurney” in The Beguiled.

Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman.

Daniel Kaluuya as “Chris” in Get Out.

Chris Pine as “Steve Trevor” in Wonder Woman.

Oz Zehavi as “Yos” in The Wedding Plan.

Sam Claflin as “Philip” in My Cousin Rachel.Sam Claflin as “Philip” in My Cousin Rachel.

So get out to the movies, sit in the air conditioning, and drool over some hot guys.

It one way to beat the ... heat.


the dogs' mother said...

I find the concept of private beaches odious. There may be some here in the west but I have never run across one.

Professor Chaos said...

Oh, so it's CONSENSUAL male on male sex that upsets the Catholic Church enough to take action? Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Professor Chaos stole the words right out of my, keyboard. I will add that pedophilia seems to be accepted while sex between grown menz is not! Rotten, immoral hypocrites!

Carlos rocks!

I adore Rachel Dratch, always have, always will.


anne marie in philly said...

krispy kreme can get a job running a donut shop in january; what a slob.

give me a leader I can believe in, dems; cut the bullshit!

the catholics are fulla shit, as is every organized religion; hypocrites!

RTG and I LOVE obamacare!

ivanka takeadump - bitch needs to siddown and shaddap! as does nikki haley.

ohhhhhhh, carlos.....

John Gray said...

Too much info! Sensory overload

Paul Hammy is adorable though

Dave R said...

The DNC needs to lose their 14 year old, attack girl mentality; the GOP have left themselves open on so many fronts and we need to start skewering each and every one on a state level.

Was that a Freudian slip with Sam Claflin?

Helen Lashbrook said...

Heads up Bob - Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Inquisition. I guess they thought the long version was snappier than the shorthand! The Inquisition's bad rep can have had nothing to do with the name change!

itsmyhusbandandme said...

I'm a Pinenut.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Jerry and I love to go birding because that's what all ornithologists look like.