Monday, July 24, 2017

Get It ... or Don't?

Anne Marie stole this from Cookie and so I stole it from her ... "Ten Things I Just Don't Get":
Gay Republicans.
Christians for _____.
The Real Housewives of Auckland. Yes, it’s real.
John Lithgow.
Justin Bieber’s appeal.
The ‘soul patch’
Apolitical people.

Now you try ....


Isobel Tolley said...

You're right on the other things but John Lithgow is great! I loved Third Rock From the Sun

mistress maddie said...

The Real Housewives of Auckland????? What the hell? Never even heard of it. It's funny how many answers we all have similar. I haven't don't this yet......

the dogs' mother said...

My very own SIL just landed in Auckland!
(Visiting nephew who just finished studying
there - I wonder if he'll remember to bring
me back a hobbit?)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, whaddya got against John Lithgow? Them's fightin' words!

anne marie in philly said...

I've been inside a wallfart twice (2 times too many). it's a glorified k-mart. not worth my time OR my money.

Anonymous said...

I have Justin B pyjamas.

Frank said...

- drinking to become intoxicated
- the appeal of crowds
- entertainment tonight
- the touchscreen media centers in new cars
- lack of common sense
- most sports that involve a ball of some kind
- the appeal of noise (loud music, loud cars, screaming crowds

P.S. I agree that John Lithgow is marvelous. Did a great job as Churchill.

barryearle said...

John Lithgow is one of America's great actors. His range is amazing and he's a nice person. (I've interviewed him several times.) There are a lot of other actors who would replace him on this list: Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Wilfred Brimley to name three.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Did you see John Lithgow as Winston Churchill?
Sometimes, I find a soul patch sexy. Of course, the rest of the goods need to be sexy to make it so.

As for me, this will take some thought.

Biki Honko said...

Reality TV
Katy Perry
right wing xtians who voted for cheetolini
fast food
drinking to get drunk, especially out in public
horror movies
why violence has taken the place of plot development in movies and tv
putting cheese on everything
thinking of any food as evil

Toni said...

I will definitely think about this and try to dwindle my "I Just don't get..." list down to 10 but John Lithgow will not be on it. I love him.

Totally with you on any kind of Republican who isn't a rich WASP, racism, Justin Bieber and The Real Housewives of anywhere!