Thursday, July 27, 2017

Random Musings ... Well, A Funny, A Giant F**k Off Pile, A Hot Man and A Tweet

I’m’a start off with a laugh, I hope, and then get down to building a giant Fuck Off Pile for a lot of other folks.

Carlos plays trumpet in a local community band, so he blows his, um, horn, every night after dinner. The other night, as I do, I asked this question:
“Are you practicing your bazooka tonight?”
“My bazooka?”
“Well, you say trumpet, I say bazooka because it’s an assault on my ears!”
Okay ... the Fuck Off Pile:

So _____ once said he would be an ally to the LGBT community and then, once elected, scrubbed the White House website of its LGBT pages ... removed LGBT Americans from the Census count ... and completely ignored Pride month.

Now, he’s come specifically for our Trans brothers and sisters who wish to join, or are already enlisted in, the military, saying that American forces could not afford the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” of transgender service members ... except, the military spends more on Viagra than it does medical costs for transgender personnel.

The Lying President also said he’d consulted generals and military experts, but Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was given just one day’s notice about the decision.

Oh, and those “tremendous medical costs” that the estimated 15,000 Trans military personnel might need would add $8.4 million to the total medical costs of all active duty service members ... about 0.1 % of what the military spends on medical care for all service members and an increase of about 0.0014% of _____’s defense budget.

But, hey, ban Trans persons anyway!

Here’s my thought: a spoiled little rich boy, back in the late 60s and early 70s received five deferments from serving in Vietnam because, ahem, he had bone spurs and his feet hurt. But then he continued to play football on those bad feet while other Americans went to war, and now, as president this draft-dodging motherf**ker is banning Trans persons from service because they are a “disruption”?

Trans persons fight every single day just to be themselves.

Trans persons fight every day to live openly.

Trans persons fight every day to use a bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Trans persons fight every day to live and work and survive as they are.

Trans persons, especially Trans women, fight every single day just to stay alive and not be beaten, bashed or murdered for being Trans.

And, again, a draft-dodging assh*le treats them like pariahs when they choose to serve the country that, once again, pushes them into a corner and treats them as less than.

Fuck off, Mr. President. You are screwing with the wrong crowd.
Oh, and where are Jared and Ivanka during this?

Ivanka made a point to Tweet out support during Pride Month, calling herself an ally to our community, but where is she now?

Are there Chinese workers slacking off in sweatshops rather than making her crappy clothes and handbags?

Ivanka, and Jared, you two can jump in the Fuck Off Pile, too.
Also in the Fuck Off Pile is Senator John McCain who came back to the Senate this week after being out for surgery and a cancer diagnosis.

See, after his free healthcare allowed doctors to find his pre-existing condition, diagnose it and start a treatment course, McCain arrived in the Senate to cast his vote in favor of advancing the bill to repeal Obamacare.

Yes, healthcare, free and clear, is fine for McCain, but he voted to deny it to 25 million Americans because ... Obama.

The Vote Vets organization also made notice that while John McCain ripped healthcare from millions, including veterans, he has also opposed the GI Bill and wants to privatize the Veterans Administration.

Quite the legacy Old Man. Get off our lawn.
Remember back in 2014, when drunken assh*le Kathryn Knott and 14 of her thug friends were partying in Philadelphia and came across gay couple Zachary Hesse and Andrew Haught and then attacked them while shouting anti-gay slurs?

Knott refused to take a plea, was found guilty and sentenced to prison. Now out, she is facing a civil suit from the victims, who are seeking $500,000 in damages from her and two men in the group, Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan—who took a plea deal to avoid jail time—and now Knott is claiming self-defense.

Yes, she is; she says the victims may have been injured, but it only happened because she was defending herself from Hesse, Haught, “and their friends.”

Odd, because she and her friends started the altercation, and no one knows what “friends” she’s talking about because Hesse and Haught were alone when attacked. And so, if that doesn’t fly—and it shouldn’t—Knot also blames Harrigan and Williams for the victims’ injuries.

She was there; she started it; she shouted the hate speech; but it was in self-defense?

The Fuck Off Pile grows larger ... Fuck Off, Kathryn.
David Narramore, a Kentucky Republican Party county chairman, has resigned after he was arrested in Tennessee on charges of indecent exposure and resisting arrest in a Belk department store.

A Belk employee was in the next stall and claims Narramore started rubbing his foot against the employee’s foot; then, outside the stall, Narramore exposed himself to the employee.

Security was called and escorted Narramore to an office to wait for police to arrive; police say he “passively” resisted arrest and then attempted to fight officers, so they tried to tase him. When that didn’t work, a police officer hit Narramore in the face and wrestled him to the ground.

Narramore is charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest, and claiming that the Belk employee returned the “foot touch,” though he doesn’t seem the claim that the Belk employee dropped his pants and showed his penis to Narramore.

Looky there, another GOP official trying to get down in a men’s room.

He can join the Fuck Off Pile, too.
Ken Ham, a religious wingnut, created Ark Encounter, a Biblical theme park for fellow religious wingnuts, but that’s not why he’s in hot water.
Ham actually sold his for-profit company to his own non-profit division of his company for the staggering price of ten-dollars so he could avoid a 50-cent per ticket local sales tax meant to pay for the additional fire and police protection required by the attraction.
And that backfired nicely. A lawyer for the Kentucky Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet sent a letter to the lawyer for Ark Encounter saying Ark Encounter, LLC, is in breach of its Tourism Development Agreement… with the Commonwealth. On July 10, 2017, the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet… became aware of a quit claim deed transferring the Ark Project land, with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same, from Ark Encounter, LLC, a for profit company, to Crosswater Canyon, Inc. a non-profit company makes the business ineligible for state tax incentives.
And now Ham and his band of creationists have screwed themselves out of $18 million over the next decade because they didn’t want to pay a local safety fee worth about $700,000 a year.

Turns out creationists don’t do science or math. Into the Fuck Off Pile, sir.
Also in Kentucky, a Federal Judge David Bunning ordered the state to pay $222,695 in attorneys’ fees to same-sex couples who sued clerk Kim Davis in 2015 when she refused to give them marriage licenses.

So now, Kentucky taxpayers will bear the financial burden of Kim Davis’ ignorance and hate.

Sorry, not sorry. ... and Fuck Off, again, Kim.
Sean Spicer. Out of a job and now accused of theft?

Yup ... Apparently before leaving his job as ______’s spokes-tool, Spicey stole a mini-fridge from some junior staffers.

See, about a month into his gig, Spicey needed to keep his food and drink cold so he sent an aide to a nearby executive office building where junior research employees are crammed into a room, surviving on Lean Cuisine frozen lunches and had the aide take their mini-fridge.

They refused to give it up and so, ALLEGEDLY, Spicey snuck in later and stole it.

Seriously. This is the _____ White House; thieves, grifters and con artists.

Fuck Off, Spicey.
Enough of the pile ... Hot Man ...

I love Starz show Outlander.... mostly because of hottie Sam Heughan, who plays Hottie Scotsman Jamie Fraser on the show. Heughan was just featured in Men’s Health South Africa photo shoot and looks fabulous.



Theresa Young said...

When will Americans wake up. These people (and I use that term loosely) are all fuckin' nuts. LOCK THEM UP. By the way...cute guy!

mistress maddie said...

if Carlos blows his own horn...I'm impressed.

It's to the point where I can't even watch the news anymore. My blood pressure has to be up. There is two things I can't stand about Trump...his face. So he should think about shutting them both!!!! Some troll told me royally on my latest post.I give her credit for admitting she voted for the asshole.

Ivanka can save her useless words. God forbid she does have gay friends. She would be off my list quite quick for supporting this shit show.

Oh and WHAT a surprise....YET ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE Republican caught in a restroom trying to tickle the ivories.

McCain just NEEDS to retire. At this point is he be controlled by strings like a marionette?

And by chance did you see where Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke insinuated that the Trump administration would punish the state of Alaska should Sen. Lisa Murkowski-R-AK and the other Sen. R, if they continue to oppose Obamacare repeal efforts. Can we say Hitler?

BloggerJoe said...

I learned to play the French Horn when I was in junior high school. The early days when it was just learning fingering and scales even the neighbors groused a little bit to my parents. I started stuffing a pillow in the bell of the horn to keep volume down.

Tim and I were talking about the trans ban last night and I put forward the theory that this "prayer meeting" was really just a demand meeting from his christianist overlords telling him to start fulfilling his promises. It looks like the trans ban was a response to that. I'm sure he thought it would easy, simple, and painless, and that he would score some points.

Just my thoughts.

Deedles said...

I am so running out of depressed sighs. I have a swoony one for the hot man, tho.

anne marie in philly said...

sweet carlos, and fuck every single GOPrick in every single orifice!

the dogs' mother said...

Melissa McCartney's final sketch - sneaking out of the WH with a mini-fridge.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that Fuck Off Pile is a-stinkin' and a-steamin' in the hot sun today!

Professor Chaos said...

Did anyone actually believe that Il Douche was going to be LGBT-friendly? I mean besides Cait Jenner.

Gee, it's almost as if Ken Ham is just a shameless com man and not some sort of man of God! Who knew?

I love the picture of Spicy demanding the fridge from junior staffers and the junior staffers just looking at him and saying "I don't think so, get lost!"

Dave R said...

Ken Ham and his ark are Hodas.

Anne Johnson said...

Agree on the hottie, wish he was in a better show. (Although he does look fine af in a kilt.)

Jennifer said...

Fuck every single one of those assholes in your pile. I hate them so much. How much more will we have to endure from this administration?

Helen Lashbrook said...

And all the hate der Trumpenfuhrer levelled against trans people was for what? To divert from Russia, Russia, Russia! I see those perky Ruskies have retaliated against the new sanctions already! Perhaps the glow is wearing off the Russian made halo that Trumpelstiltskin wears