Monday, December 12, 2016

It's A Good Thing Florence Henderson Died Before Seeing This

I’ve always said her braids were too tight ....

Little Cindy Brady, AKA conservative radio show hack Susan Olsen, opened up a can of worms last week when she went all homophobic in a Facebook rant against an openly gay actor who disagreed with her political views.

Actor Leon Acord asked that LA Talk Radio fire Olsen for ...

Olsen, co-host of Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics, responded with a Facebook private message, but Leon Acord took a screenshot of it and we were off to the races, er, racist.

And then she decided to send her followers, yes, apparently she has more than one in this, The Age of _____, to take on Acord:

Here’s my take: Susan Olsen has a right to be a _____ “fanatic” and Leon Acord has a right to disagree; but Olsen doesn’t have the right to spew the hate she spewed at, not only Acord, but the LGBT community. It’s statements like hers that lead to places like Orlando, let’s be queer about that.

And one wonders how her TV mother, Florence Henderson, would feel about Olsen’s antics, but we’ll never know since she passed away last week. Nor will we ever know about her how TV dad, Robert Reed, might feel, since he passed away fourteen years ago; we’ll never know how Reed, a deeply closeted gay man, would feel about Olsen, though I’m guessing she’d fall from favor.

She’s also fallen from favor from her job, as the show has fired her:

Susan Olsen can be a hater; I mean, right now, the world if s full of them, but when you take your hate public, and at your job, well, you might find yourself pounding the pavement looking for work.

Luckily she has that successful acting career to fall back on ... Oh, yeah.

Bye Felecia.
Top image blatantly stolen from a reply on Susan Olsen's Facebook Page
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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I thought she died years ago.


mistress maddie said...

Hell she is only a pathetic, obviously unhappy wench who has never had a career in acting since. And I can see why with her looks. May she contract a bacterial virus that gives her the endless runs. Who knew she was the batshit crazy???

the dogs' mother said...

Maddie is right.
I looked her up on IMDB
Serial Killers are okay to play...
- 2015
Mama Claus, Deck the Halls with Guts
She played Mama Claus

anne marie in philly said...

hope she NEVER finds another job!

Debra She Who Seeks said...


Mitchell is Moving said...

I suppose one might grow up to be bitter when one's only claim to fame is a few years as a really bad child actor carried along by a popular TV series. Her "private" messages are even more hideous and hateful than her talk radio statements. Oops! She lost her job? Yeah, Susan Olsen, Karma is a bitch.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Is Susan Olsen the one in the KKK hood?