Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Beach House on Stilts

This used to be an old house, sitting on the beach and subject to rises in tides and storms, so the architects put the home on stilts and added a new first floor above the existing bungalow.

This new floor contains an owners study and bedroom, and a captain’s deck aimed at the beach breakers view. In addition, the existing front veranda now extends with a wider side covered terrace, linked to the central kitchen and dining room. 

Behind the white picket fence on the front street, a circular staircase leads to the veranda, while at the back of the house there is a private tropical garden with a massive sliding shutter that can be secured.

It’s cozy and quaint and now safe from the weather ... and perfect for a winter getaway Down Under


the dogs' mother said...

Two things because Abby and I have Crabby Pants on (with the Tar skunking) but what the hell with the sky high book shelves? And the gal walking up the stairs with her 'oh, let's get closer and look at her bum' skirt.
I'm glad they were able to make the house more usable and hopefully not a boat house (eventually). oxoxoxox to you and Carlos :-)

mistress maddie said...

I LOVE EVRYTHING about this house. But the part that would sell me the most is that incredibly designed bookcase under the stairs. Now that is COOL!!!!!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm with TDM about the bookshelves in the sky, there's no sign of a library ladder to reach them; bookshelves for those who don't read but want to be considered intellectual?