Monday, December 19, 2016

I Always Knew He Had The Temperment Of A Toddler, But There's This, Too: _____ Can't Spell

Last Saturday, China seized an underwater surveillance drone from the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea and because President-elect _____ had already been fed and changed and put down for the night, he decided to Tweet this:

Um, it’s an “unprecedented act” even though it’s not— in 2009 five Chinese ships swarmed an American surveillance vessel and came as close as 25 feet—but  that doesn’t matter much when the Twit-In-Chief can’t spell.

What does matter is the slew of high-larious Tweets over a President who cannot spell; a president who, just last week actually uttered the line, “I am, like, a smart person.”

Like? Like?

The Tweet was quickly deleted by _____ but not before the internet seized it via screen shots and it was the gaffe and laugh heard round the world! Even the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s account couldn’t help laugh at _____:

Now, the hard question is, is he incapable of spelling, or ... was there some other heinous act, some other sure-to-be disastrous cabinet appointment, he was trying to take the light away from?

Ponder that while perusing some of the responses to our “unpresidented” president-elect:

And let’s end with my favorite; another _____ Tweet after China said they would return the drone:

Putin might be rethinking that whole Get _____ Elected hack business.
Merriam-Webster Tweet via Occupy Democrats
Tweets via NCRM


anne marie in philly said...

el pendejo naranjo is an ignorant asshole-o!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Didn't Trump say on the campaign trail that he loves uneducated people? Everyone thought he was reaching out to a certain portion of the electorate but really it was just another example of his narcissism!

I'm not going to mention that it took me 3 or 4 tries to spell that last word, lol. Don't want to be a hypotwit!

Bob Slatten said...

Third, or fourth, time's the charm!

the dogs' mother said...

If you have trouble with words AND you are about to become the leader of the free world - send your tweets to folks who can edit them. Or ask 'what the hell does this mean?' Or, better yet, don't tweet!

jadedj said...

When he used the word "unpresidented" instead of unprecedented, I immediately thought of Baseball's Yogi Berra, The King of Malapropisms. I think we can say, what we have here is the Yogi Bear of U. S. Precedence.

jadedj said...

Oh yeah, that "like" thing. Grates my ears. Usually it's used with the addition of "you know" in, "I am, like, a smart person, you know?" Although I've noticed he uses "you know" a lot. Guess he had a lot more tweets to make and was in a hurry...who know?

Helen Lashbrook said...

I do like Lawrence O'Donnell

Professor Chaos said...

He misspelled it so bad that spellcheck just went "fuck it, I have no idea!"

Actually, I'm not sure it is even a mis-spelling. I think he really thinks that's the real word.