Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Monument Channel Cottage

Last week was all about an ancient house of rocks stones, so this week we’ll do a 180 and go to a very modern home on the rocks and stones.

And though this house is located in Monument Channel Georgian Bay it was designed to be used year-round. The house is primarily built of Douglas Fir in a celebration of centuries old post and beam construction, with columns, beams and purlins; the wood — sometimes massive timbers and sometimes rather efficient and delicate — is either solid sawn or milled to a profile.

But all the timbers were prefabricated, drilled for connections, in the factory because they, along with all the building materials — cedar shingles, Ipe decking, windows, concrete, etc — had to be barged in to the site given the remote location.

But remote as it is, the home also produces all its own electricity from solar panels and treats its own wastewater with a bio-filter septic system.

So, yeah, live there year-round in rustic luxury and gorgeous views without needing anybody for anything.

CORE Architects


the dogs' mother said...

I do likes all of it! :-)
(And that it is in Canada.)

Toni said...

Gorgeous! Send me the directions, I'm almost packed!

Sheila Morris said...

Fabulous pictures, Bob - I loved this place!!

mistress maddie said...

The opening picture had me right away!!!! Stunning house,design and locale.