Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Remember When ...

... Donald said to Hillary during the debate that she was "filled with hate" because of her "basket of deplorables" remark?

Sure, not a nice thing to say, Mrs. Clinton, but ... after the debate Donald's basket, er, some of Donald's basket, took to Twitter to share how enlightened they are in regards to moderator, and My-Husband-In-My-Head, Anderson Cooper ....

"Throw him in the dungeon"? Apparently it is true that most Donald supporters think this is the 17th century.

Um, a "faggot's place" is in the world; why don't you crawl back under your homophobic rock, "Bertz"?

Somebody knows an awful lot about ball gags ...

This is just a word salad ... idiot NSA right-wing Muppet taxi driver.

Actually, if you ever watched something other than FoxNews[?] you'd know this isn't true ...

Turn the tables on Anderson? By what, asking him questions? Plus, "gay faggot" is redundant.

This one is kinda funny, because Hillary might say "blue" and Donald would say his favorite color is "33,000 emails."

If by obnoxious, you mean smart and trying to get Donald to answer the question, then, um, yeah.

Funny thing, though, because after the debate it turned out that Donald had spoken for about a minute longer than Hillary, so who's the "f**king snatch" now?

Let's see, this moron hates Anderson, transgender folks and women; yeah,. he's Donald all the way! 

Yes, rather than demanding that your candidate answer the question, turn it on the moderator. I wonder if Western_Veteran has ever assaulted a woman or a man, or if it's true he hasn't left his parent's basement in over a year.
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

They're equal-opportunity-haters!

anne marie in philly said...

closet homo? anderson is out and proud.

looks like a buncha dumb ignorant homophobic white trash tweeting to me. I dare say NONE of these tweetidiots have left their parents basement in years! AND they wear tin foil hats and believe the earth is flat.

the dogs' mother said...

Anderson Cooper is a good man. An honest and hardworking reporter.
I trust him to give us the news, run panels and follow up on issues.
I'd be damn proud to have him as a son. Alas I am too young to have
been his mother :-)

Anonymous said...

You know, maybe a "gay faggot" is just a happy English cigarette. Nah! It's stuff like this that makes me glad I don't do any kind of social media. Well, that and the fact that I'm mostly antisocial, heh.


Dave R said...

Gay faggot? if you were a faggot, and also gay, wouldn't that kind of make you a straight queer?

Raybeard said...

These tweeters seem to be completely oblivious that using the words faggot/queer/homo etc as put-downers immediately categorises them in unfavourable light. Using this ploy is about as meaningful as disparaging someone for their skin-colour, or sex or hair - mind you, with the latter perhaps there's a certain merit for doing that in at least one particular case, so I'd better bow out of this one. :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

When they take the low road we go high! Comparison of the two sides is meaningless when the low go so low

Fearsome Beard said...

The sad part is that after fifty some years of this crap I have to admit that being called a faggot just don't have much sting for me. I'm not condoning it but it doesn't hurt me.
Vanderbilt? I'd love to have me some Vanderbilt!