Monday, October 24, 2016

Can I Get An Amen: CJ Is Going As Bob The Drag Queen

CJ is a 9-year-old gender nonconforming boy and he is ready for Halloween.

This year he wants to dress up as his personal hero, so he told his mother, Lori Duron — who had a blog called Raising My Rainbow — that he was going to need “need her dress and purse and hair and makeup and everything.”

Oh, his hero is RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob The Drag Queen, and now his mother and his gay uncle are going to make sure he gets the look down.
“Bob, RuPaul and all the queens are brave, strong heroes for my rainbow son. They’ve taught him to celebrate his uniqueness, cultivate his own style and let criticisms roll off his back. They’ve taught him the importance and power of loving himself. They’ve also taught him a few words and phrases that I’ve told him he can’t use until he’s 18.” — Lori Duron
And since Lori doesn’t sew, is not a whiz with make-up and says she’s never styled a wig, she turned to her brother, CJ’s gay Uncle Michael, for help in that area.
“You can’t order this costume on online, mom! Call my FuGuncle (fun gay uncle)!”
Michael worked with CJ to match Bob The Drag Queen’s style in her music video, “Purse First.” Michael set up a RuPaul styled workroom in the family dining room to style the wigs and create the makeup and, most importantly, to advise CJ on perfecting “the stance;” that would be walking sideways into the room “purse first.”

CJ says a lot of his friends have asked him what he’s going to be this year and he wasn’t telling, though not, as his mother worried, because he was afraid he would get teased.

He just doesn’t want anyone stealing his idea.

CJ? Shantay you stay!

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the dogs' mother said...

:-) Here's to lots of candy!

anne marie in philly said...

sashay, baby!

Scott said...

I loved this when I read it on her blog, and love that you have written about it.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I LOVE CJ, Lori, and FuGuncle Bob and I wish CJ a brilliantly happy Halloween.