Monday, October 24, 2016

Eric _____ Is The Dumb One ... One! That's High-Larious!

Okay, so we all know that Little Donny Trump has Daddy issues … he wants to be like Donald. And we know Ivanka used to be the sane one, but now she’s drinking the Kool-Aid lest Daddy cut her off. But what about Eric? The one you never see very often. He’s the Dumb One, or at least the one who should have paid attention in his high school Spanish class.

Over the weekend, Eric was at a Donald Rally in North Carolina when he spotted a woman wearing a t0-shirt with something written in Spanish across it, and with his father’s name on it. So, wanting to impress Daddy by finding an Hispanic woman who supports Donald, Eric raced right over for a photo op to show the world that, as anti-immigrant, as anit-Latino, as his father is, there are still some Latinos that support The Rump.

Just not this woman … because her shirt said this:
“Latina Contra Trump.”
The literal translation is:
“Latina Against Trump.”
And there was Eric the Rump posing with Annie Cardelle, while she wore an anti-Trump shirt.
“As Hispanic women, we see how Trump’s hate speech has emboldened people to be racist towards Latinos and people of color in general. What Donald Trump has been doing is making people think that it’s alright to treat us as if we’re worse than they are. I’m just really glad that I got the chance to remind his supporters that his language has been really unsettling with a large group of people in America.” — Annie Cardelle
Can you just imagine the homecoming Little Eric got for posing with Annie?



brewella deville said...

Tim Kaine would never have made that mistake. Then again Tim Kaine speaks Spanish, and he isn't trying to get rid of all the Muslims and Mexicans, so he's got that going for him.

the dogs' mother said...


anne marie in philly said...


is it just me, or does eric look like he's 26 cents short of a quarter? getta loada those buck teeth!

MMTampa said...

This is not original with me, he looks like a vampire. . .

Professor Chaos said...

How do you not know what Contra means? You dont have to be fluent or even have a smattering of Spanish to figure out Contra. Like I dont speak a word of Fren h but I know Oui from Non.

Kitty USA said...

To add to Prof Chaos, if little trum-pet had ANY idea about accounting (even the most minor amount as the little worm does work for daddy), he would know what CONTRA means - reversing entry - contrary. DUH!

Fearsome Beard said...

He didn't even have the sense to ask a staffer what it said.
Oh wait they don't hire Spanish speaking staff either, well except to clean rooms.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I saw this in the news yesterday and burst out laughing (and showed it to everyone around me). I had to explain the context but they all knew what the T-shirt said. Reading your post just now made me laugh all over again. SO satisfying.