Tuesday, October 25, 2016

President Obama Is All Outta F**ks

Earlier this year I posted a quote by President Barack Obama about the GOP frontrunner for president and said it has become clear that, now in the last few months of his eight years in office, the President has no f**ks left to give.

And on Sunday, during a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in California, President Obama continued that trend by going after a particularly pathetic GOP congressman.

See, this election season, California’s GOP Congressman, Darrell Issa is having a tough go of it against the Democratic challenger, retired Marine Col. Doug Applegate, and so he mailed out a new campaign flyer in which he boasts about Obama signing the Survivors’ Bill of Rights bill which he co-sponsored

Well, Obama called out Issa — a man who once called the president corrupt and is one of the chief obstructionists in Congress, blocking and subverting much of the legislation the President and Democratic members of congress have tried to push through — for those hypocritical mailers. He pointed out what he called Issa’s duplicity, calling the mailers “shameless” and saying it was the “definition of chutzpah.”

Seriously. After eight years of doing all he could to block moves by Obama this GOP hack is now trolling for votes by saying he’s a bipartisan candidate. Siddown, liar.

Obama then added that Issa’s “primary contribution to the United States Congress has been to obstruct and to waste taxpayer dollar on trumped-up investigations that have led nowhere” and said the congressman was “not somebody who’s serious about working on problems.”

And with Obama’s approval ratings rising each and every day, and his completely out of f**ks attitude, people like Darrell Issa should tread very softly.

Or plan on finding a new job come November 9th.


the dogs' mother said...

13.5 day!

anne marie in philly said...

GOP white males in congress ought to be shaking in their boots cause NASTY WOMEN VOTE! :)

mistress maddie said...

Lol!!!! I have a few I can give him!

brewella deville said...

Either way Issa is in trouble. I used to live in the area he represents. Every time I go back to visit, I see cars and trucks plastered with the vilest, most racist anti-Obama bumperstickers. They've made plenty of room for pro-Trump stickers this election cycle. If he has to falsely brag about "working" with the president to run away from Trump he's screwed either way with his constituents.

Sadie J said...

I so hope there is a total wipe on the lower ticket, get rid of some of these deadheads, but people will still vote for them.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Most of the world is praying that Trump and his boot lickers don't get in

Professor Chaos said...

Darrell Issa is the sleaziest guy in DC
He's the one who led the recall drive against CA gov Davis, hoping he could take his place. Instead we got Arnold. Which was worth it to watch that sleaze go down in flames. He spent a bunch of his own money on the recall campaign, too.