Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Old Warehouse to New Quirkyhouse

Yeah, I know … another conversion project; but I can’t help myself; I love the reuse, recycle method of design and architecture of taking something old, and probably closed up and shuttered, and creating something new.

Plus, there’s a giant tooth inside this one; seriously.

First, I love the interiors; the eclectic design and architecture; the tiles and the skylights; the trumpet light; the reclaimed wood and the soaring ceilings; that closet. But then there, right in the middle of the floor is a giant tooth … or, as the architects dubbed it, a ‘man cave,’ though it’s really a bedroom with an ensuite.

The ‘man cave’ is a sculptural carbon-fiber pod with a semi-gloss finish of resin-faced foam separated into two spaces: the bedroom, with the bed sculpted from the wall and a leather — yes, leather-clad floor — and an ensuite, which incorporates a shower area, built-in vanity, freestanding basins and bathtub sculpture.

It’s like the best of both worlds … a lot of something old, recycled and reused and redone, with a touch of something from the future.


the dogs' mother said...

ak!! The 'tooth' things - having just got back from
a *fun* trip to the dentist... noooooo! :-) xoxoxo

Dave R said...

Nice, except for the oozy thing that looks like the Sta-puff marshmallow man took a dump.

mistress maddie said...

Parts of this I love, and other parts are way to quirky. But the outside is amazing. I am loving those front doors!

Helen Lashbrook said...

What's with the clothing store in the middle of the house?

Fearsome Beard said...

Wow, I think I like.