Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random Musings

So, the other night we were sitting in the living room and, as usual, MaxGoldberg likes to sit by Carlos. So he jumped in Carlos’ chair and sat for about a second and then jumped over to me, where he stayed for about a second, until jumping back over to carols for another second before … you guessed it … round and round.

So, when he went back to Carlos, Carlos told him to stop running around and sit still; and then he told MaxGoldberg that he wasn’t going to pet him. And Max stood there staring at Carlos until Carlos finally  looked away.

I said, “My god, you two are the biggest babies!”

And Carlos actually said, “No, Max is a baby.”

Then he turned around and refused to look at MaxGoldberg … a cat.
To the folks — mostly rightwingnuts and lard asses like Drug Limbaugh — who constantly berate the First lady on her appearance: grow the f**k up.

I mean, you’re nothing but a bunch of schoolyard bullies whose little teeny heads would explode if a Democrat ever said anything negative about a Republican First Lady.

Seriously, grow up and shut up.
So, Ricky Perry wanted to fire someone because she was arrested for DUI, and she refused to quit and then he decided to cut the funding for her office and found himself arrested for abuse of power.

Hmm, wanting someone to quit, and they don’t, so you cut the money off to their job and other’s jobs is an abuse of power? Even I knew that Ricky.

So, here’s to Governor Smugshot who just shot himself in the foot for the 2016 Presidential election. Asshat.
We’ve been watching Under The Dome this summer, after having seen the first season last year. It’s kind of what I would call Lost: Under Glass. That same kind of story; but it does have some nice man candy.

Mike Vogel [left] has been on this blog before but he is very hot, and has the kind of ass you could … use your imagination.

Eddie Cahill [middle] is just plain cute, with a twinkle in his eye.

And this week we met Max Ehrich [right], who plays a computer nerd. There is just something about a cute nerd that burns up my motherboard.

Just sayin’.
The other day I was chatting with my Dad on the phone and we were talking about everything from politics to rainforests to furniture. And then we started talking about Carlos and I getting married and my Dad said, “You’re doing it in New York?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Well, I won’t be there. I don’t do big cities.” 

And he doesn’t; he and my mom used to live in an area of California called Blue Canyon — ninety minutes or more from anything you could call a city. Then they moved to Toledo, Oregon, hours away from a city.

After my mom died my dad moved to Sumas, Washington, in the far North West. It’s close to Bellingham, but Bellingham is a big town or small city.

But I digress.

After hanging up I started thinking. Sometimes you don’t really listen to people and you miss an important fact. When he said “I won’t be there … “ I missed the little glitch in his voice that seemed to suggest he wanted to be there. And then I thought about how my Dad was there when my sister got married and was there when my brother got married and, even though for a very long time, we never believed I could actually ever get married, I knew he wanted to be there for Carlos and me.

Cut to the chase: we’ll be getting married in Washington state rather than New York because we want Dad to be there.
Good on Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuba’s president Raul Castro and niece of Fidel Castro, for making the first recorded vote against the government in a show of support for LGBT people.

The proposed update to Cuba's expansive labor code included explicit protections based on sexual orientation, but Mariela — who was behind the sixth International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association for Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Conference held in Cuba earlier this year — said that because it didn't also specify protections for people based on their gender identity and HIV status, it was inconsistent with her beliefs.

It is thought to be the first time that a government bill has been voted against.

Brava chica!
So, a few years back I saw a picture of hot model, hot gay model, Josey Greenwell, He was all over the internet and all over Pride festivals, singing and performing and being, well, openly gay. In fact, for a time he was publicly dating model Rodiney Santiago, former boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Then suddenly he was gone; no Pride performances; no modeling jobs; no Rodiney. And no Facebook page and no more Josey Greenwell fan pages; even his Wikipedia profile was scrubbed clean.

But now he’s back … as Nate Green, straight country singer. And he wants to be seen as straight anywhere and everywhere and apparently even deletes any gay comments about him or any comments that say he is really Josey Greenwell and really gay.

And now, in interviews, he denies being gay or even being Josey.

Uh huh. Josey, honey, the gays never forget a pretty face, especially one that tries to re-closet himself.
The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has issued a call for all Catholics to refrain from participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge because it funds an ALS study that uses embryonic stem cells. 
People should suffer because, well, stem cells.

To date, however, the challenge has raised some $31,000,000.
Speaking of Carlos and me getting married, he was in downtown Smallville this afternoon and stopped in a jewelry store to look at wedding bands. The woman in the shop began showing him what they had, and then she asked that question:

“Your fiancé? What kind of ring does she want?”

Without hesitation, Carlos said, “It’s what kind of ring does he want.”

And the woman said, “Oh, okay, Here’s some other ones you both might like.”

Smallville, you never cease top amaze me.


BloggerJoe said...

re: washington state, good on ya! both a' ya!

the dogs' mother said...

We do things right out here!

anne marie in philly said...

uh, carlos? max won that round last night cause you blinked.

redumblicans DO need to STFU. and miss ricky perry needs to be in jail where he can become bubba's next girlfriend.

washington state is pretty for a wedding. and good on the open-minded woman in the jewelry store!

nate green - why would anyone want to pretend to be someone they are not? sad.

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

I might have missed it or maybe you did but are you doing Top Chef Duels? It replaces All Stars and or Masters. It places two chefs from prior seasons or masters against each other. There are three challenges one designed by each chef and one designed by the judges. I watched the first ON Demand - Richard Blais Vs. Marcel Vigneron, it was pretty good but I will only watch the match ups that interest me - it's a little too talkish and not enough suspense.

Professor Chaos said...

Yeah, the whole country-singer name-change thing doesn't work. Ask Garth Brooks about Chris Gaines.

Professor Chaos said...

And congrats on the nuptials!

S'A said...

You just gave me a happy moment (and I mean that in the clean way!)when you said you are getting married in Washington! We've never met, but I'm soooo happy your Dad can be there! Something good to hear in what has been a bit of a shit week! (my husband just asked what I was smiling so big about!)

Raybeard said...

Looking forward immensely to reading details of your big day - complete with prolific illustrations, I trust.
Meantime here are some pre-congrats to be getting on with - "Heartiest congratulations!"

mistress maddie said...

I love me some weekly Carlos story, but it's even getting better when Max Goldberg enter the picture!!! And very cool that now your Dad will be part of the day!!!

Rick Perry is STILL around????

Ugh Josey Greenwell...ahhhhhhh such a lovely site, but the silly queen...her equilibrium must be off! Just send Josey, opps, I mean Nate to the Casa, I get him "straightened" out!!!!

Blobby said...

I'm not betting against Perry. Part of me thinks it is all a ploy for him to enflame the right for his presidential bid - assuming he doesn't actually get convicted. IF he does get convicted it has to be by a republican judge and jury or we will never heard the end of it.

As for the wedding, will the cat be invited now that he and Carlos are at a stand-off?

Helen Lashbrook said...

Glad you heard what your Dad was really saying, he wouldn't have wanted to miss out on a big, big celebration in his son's life

Debbie said...

HEY!!!!! When are you guys getting married???!!!! THAT IS SO GREAT!!! And you BETTER POST PICTURES!!!


Bob Slatten said...

In Washington state, in October!