Monday, August 25, 2014

Mike Weston: Another Police Officer Not Helping In Ferguson

Mike Weston is a sergeant on the Velda City police force, and like Dan Page — see post from earlier today — he, too, was sent to Ferguson, Missouri to keep the peace and maintain order after Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown.

He, too, is blight on the police force. And he, too, took to social media to voice his own personal brand of racism, bigotry and stupidity — which is his right, I guess. He complained that the “libs” were lying about what happened in Ferguson; he insulted Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson's approach to community policing; and, for a grand finale, he threatened to physically assault visiting U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

After a group of people in Ferguson were gassed in their own backyards, Weston took to Twitter to explain that it was because gunshots had been fired from that location. The only problem with his fable, was that a news reporter was in the yard where the people were gassed and the entire incident — with no gunshots being fired anywhere, at all — was caught on tape.

So, Mike Weston lied. And then he tried to walk it back, admitting that he wasn’t even in the area at the time:
"I wasn't spreading misinformation. There were shots being fired some yards, maybe not this particular one."
I guess it’s okay to gas one yard, if you hear gunshots coming from another yard?

Weston also made a point of slamming Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, calling Johnson’s interactions with protestors — walking with them to keep the peace — a kind of "Hug a Thug" celebration. He then Tweeted this picture of Johnson, accusing him of reverse racism:

He  also took it upon himself to Tweet photos of Mike Brown, the teenager shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson, participating in a strong arm robbery:

Mike Weston's "opinion" of the Michael brown's autopsy:

But he outdid himself with his tweet about Attorney General's visit to Ferguson when he said he wanted to meet Holder to, well, here it is:

Weston has since deleted his Twitter account because he’s a lying, racist asshat … IMO.
Here’s the deal: Michael Brown may have been involved in a robbery, and he may not have been involved; we’ll never know because he was gunned down, unarmed, in the street.

But, what we do know is that several police officers involved in Ferguson, both before and after the shooting — Darren Wilson, Dan Page, and Mike Weston — seem to have issues with the black community.

This is not who should be policing us. If your job is to protect and serve, then protect and serve. Keep your own personal politics and racist viewpoints out of it, and if you cannot do that, then people like these three men should have never been allowed to become law enforcement officers; and, if they somehow slipped through the cracks, as soon as they’ve shown their true selves, they should be removed from duty; permanently.

This is not what police officers should be doing.
via NCRM
Weston Tweets via RFT


anne marie in philly said...

these dirty boys in blue should ALL be in jail; one for murder, the other 2 for disturbing the peace, threatening a federal official, and general asshattery.

jadedj said...

Very revealing...his twitter account name...MARINE. That's how he views himself, not as a "peace" officer, but a marine. A warrior. That is not an appropriate attitude for a policeman who is charged with protecting and serving...IMHO. Oh, and what's with the "officerAnon2" BS?

the dogs' mother said...

So discouraging especially when we know two outstanding officers who we went to college with.

Raybeard said...

Can it get any worse? Probably.

Helen Lashbrook said...

There are a lot of misfits out there who crave power over others and the way they get it is to join the police.

Surely threatening the US Attorney General is a crime? #officeranon2 needs to be curbed

Professor Chaos said...

I saw that "Double Standard" tweet earlier. I don't see what unarmed white men he's supposed to be threatening in the second picture. He has his gun out but there aren't any people, white or otherwise, between him and the edge of the frame. It doesn't even make sense.