Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nate Alfson Comes Out ... Chip Sarafin, Too

You all know I am not a fan of the Catholic Church, and that, normally, when I write about them I tend to go all F-bombing, rant-spewing snark-nado on their asses. But today is different. Today, I’m feeling a little … a little … pleased with the Catholics, or, at least, a small group of Catholics.

See, out there to South Dakota, in a town called Dell Rapids, Nate Alfson was the high school, baseball and volleyball coach. He is also gay; and he publicly came out as gay in an interview with Outsports last week.

Nate was worried about his job, so he took a meeting with the school — St. Mary’s High School — and they basically said, ‘Meh.’
“The meeting with the school went great .We talked about being on the same page as each other and that they were willing to walk through this with me and support me. … I couldn't be happier that they are supportive and want me to be a part of the coaching team. It's a sense of relief to be able to move forward and focus on volleyball and the girls. This season is about them and the hard work they put in. The support has been amazing and I can't wait to live a free life!” — Nate Alfson
A gay coach … at a Catholic school … in South Dakota … a state that does not have any workplace protections for LGBT people … and it’s no big deal.
Still, it does deserve mentioning, and it does deserve, from HOMO HQ, a copy of The Gay Agenda, for Nate, as well as the Obligatory Coming Out Toaster Oven.
Welcome out, Nate, welcome out.

And, as a sidenote to the Catholic Church, the part that might have a problem with Nate Alfson, "Carry on, folks, nothing to see here."

As it should be.
via The Advocate
Read Nates story on Outsports

Chip Sarafin, a non-scholarship offensive lineman for the Arizona State football, has come out publicly as gay in an article for Compete magazine. Sarafin, who has yet to play in a game with the Sun Devils, is believed to be the first active major-college football player to come out publicly.
"It was really personal to me, and it benefited my peace of mind greatly."--Chip Sarafin, on coming out to his teammates
Of note, is that it was the university who offered the story of Sarafin’s coming out to Compete journalist Joshua Wyrick.
"He likes to talk a lot more about his profession than his sexuality, of course [but] he really wants to make sports better from a safety standpoint and from an acceptance one, too."
And when the story broke last week, the ASU athletic department, and football coach, Todd Graham released a statement:
"We are a brotherhood that is not defined by cultural and personal differences, but rather an individual's commitment to the Sun Devil Way. Chip is a fifth-year senior and a Scholar Baller, a graduate and a master's student. His commitment to service is unmatched and it is clear he is on his way to leading a successful life after his playing career, a goal that I have for every student-athlete. Diversity and acceptance are two of the pillars of our program, and he has full support from his teammates and the coaching staff."
Man, the times are a’changing, aren’t they?

So, welcome out, Chip, and please accept as our gift, a copy of The Gay Agenda and the Obligatory Coming Out Toaster Oven.

Welcome out, and blaze that trail.
Read Chip's story at Compete


Mitchell is Moving said...

Great stories both! But, Dell Rapids, SD??? I had actually once been told there are NO gay people in South Dakota!

the dogs' mother said...

Arizona State - part of our conference - hmmmm - okay best wishes to Chip Sarafin *and* Arizona State. May you get to the Rose Bowl and lose just by one point to WSU.

Bob Slatten said...

I was surprised by that, too!