Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Love Dick

Y’all can have Rhianna and Katy and Madge and Brit and Gaga — wait, is she still relevant or has it been fifteen minutes — but my gay icon is … wait for it … it’s unexpected … it’s not who you think … District Court Judge Richard Young.


See, Dick, as I like to think of him — and, No, not in that way — is the judge who struck down Indiana's same-sex marriage ban back in June. And yesterday he ruled in the case of Bowling v Pence, the state's last unresolved marriage equality lawsuit, and found in favor of the defendants, which now requires Indiana to recognize out-of-state marriages same-sex marriages.


Now, since Dick had already ruled on this once, his latest ruling came as no real surprise, but it’s what he said, and to whom he said it, that makes him swoon-worthy. He basically called Indiana Governor, and ISBL Asshat of the Week award winner, Mike Pence a big fat liar by saying that the governor's statements to the court were "bold misrepresentations" and then reinstating Pence as a defendant in the case as it moves ahead on appeal. 

See, last year Pence filed a motion to be removed as a defendant in the lawsuit because, he said, he had no authority to enforce the state’s ban on same-sex marriage and, based on that representation, the court agreed. But, when Dick, er, Judge Young, struck down Indiana’s marriage ban, Pence’s general consul began sending memos to all executive branch agencies directing them on how they were to proceed. 

Wait, what? Pence says he has no authority over the issue, but then when the case goes the way he doesn’t want it to, suddenly he’s all up in that business? Well, Dick wasn’t playing:
"...the Governor did what he claimed he could not do by directing executive agencies on how to proceed in enforcing the law."
That's judicial-speak for: Mike Pence is a big fat liar.


I love you Dick, er, Judge Young.
via NCRM


mistress maddie said...

Brilliant man, and nice to see someone say what they think. Their lucky to have him. After this post Bob, a good thing you have that fleshlight!!!!!!! Or does Carlos have wine chilling in it?

the dogs' mother said...

You just get away with nuthin these days!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Sadly this Pendle specimen is only too characteristic of the quality of politician available these days. To a man they're all smarmy and clones of one another, spouting the same old rubbish.