Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: A House in the Woods of Kaunas

So, when I think of Lithuania, I don't think of this as Lithuania.
The house is situated along a river shore, in the woods, but it's far from "cabin".
The envelope of the building is made from glass and rusted steel plates mounted in vertical segments in order to, as the architect says, "have a metaphorical relation with growing pine trees on the site".
And they do!
Even though steel is quite refined and cold material, its bright ocher color is reminiscent of wide planks cut from a fresh wood and gives a visual warmth to the house.
The house is built from poured concrete, but the form were removed leaving a rough textured surface. And while they may seem, um, 'penitentiary,' the addition of smooth glass surfaces keep the interior in touch with nature.
To counterbalance to the factory-like exterior, natural wood elements were abundantly used on the interior. Solid oak appears everywhere; it dominates a monumental kitchen on the ground floor, as well as stairwell walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets and doors on the first floor. 
The bedrooms with walls and ceilings of glass take advantage of nature, and, for those cold nights in Lithuania, the pool is inside the house.
Who knew Lithuania could be so cool?


mistress maddie said...

Yes, I agree who knew. But I love it! Lets pitch in and buy it shall we? Im loving the pool area most. And with all those windows, Im afraid all my nature would be put out there too!!!!!

R.J. said...

I absolutely love the interiors!

In most cases the all white or all gray can look monotone and cold, but in this house the mixture of wood and concrete surfaces, feature walls, etc., give it a warm, welcome feeling.