Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: The Edgemoor Residence

So, after last week's lush house in Thailand, I decided I needed a little something more suburban, and I stumbled upon the Edgemoor Residence, located in a post-war neighborhood of Bethesda, Maryland. The designer sought to create a home that satisfies modern tastes without clashing with its, um, older neighbors.
And I think it looks like the best of both worlds.
The original corner-lot house was torn down to its foundation and first floor deck, and then rebuilt on the existing foundation walls. The gable roof forms mimic the more traditional houses within the neighborhood.
The house combines the idea of an old stone cottage, with a more modern facade and enormous windows. The cast limestone brise-soleil, a sun-shading structure, recalls the scale of front porches found on the nearby houses and marks the axis of the entry, which acts as both a gallery--running the length of the house--and a way to divide the home into the kitchen-dining room along one side, and the guest room-family room on the other.
volume; the entry ends at the double-height master suite volume. A stairway overlooking the family room leads up to a catwalk between the guest rooms and a bridge to the media room.
The Edgemoor Residence really does create a bridge between the old homes in the neighborhood and the new homes to come, both inside and out.
It's suburban, but it ain't your Mama's house.



Sean R said...

Wow! That's stunning.

R.J. said...

This is a really great home. I love it!

Wonder Man said...


mistress maddie said...

Bethesda, Maryland. Why that is only a hop skip and jump form here! I ought to go check it out. I am loving the bird nest weave railings. And anything with mixed textures I Lurve!

Anonymous said...

Nice place but it's so, so, white. What is with people? Color can be cool too you know.

And yes, I'm a color freak.