Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WTF Georgia, Part Two: Sponsor Of Georgia's 'Religious Freedom' Bill Doesn't Care That It Protects The KKK

Georgia Republican Senator Greg Kirk, who introduced the state’s new “religious freedom”: bill that allows any faith-based business, or person, to deny services to anyone based on their alleged faith, steps even further into hate when he said he has absolutely no problem with the fact that his bill would protect hate groups like the faith-based KKK.

Then Democratic State Senator Emanuel Jones, who happens to be African-American, questioned Sen. Kirk about his legislation:
"We're all familiar with the terms KKK, meaning the hate organization Ku Klux Klan."
Greg Kirk: “I've read about them, yes."

Emanuel Jones:  "Some of my heritage have done a lot more than just read about them. My concern is, couldn't that organization if they chose to do so identify themselves as 'faith based'?"

Greg Kirk sputtered and stuttered something about not being an attorney, then said: "I guess they could, Senator. I'm not sure."

Emanuel Jones:"So there's nothing in your legislation that would stop them, is that correct?"

Greg Kirk: "That's right."

Emanuel Jones: "Does that present a problem for you, Senator?"

Greg Kirk: "No."

Oh, but then he went on to say that he’s read about “those groups" but then insisted his bill "certainly isn't directed towards them, it's directed towards churches, towards ministers, and towards organizations that provide adoptions and organizations that provide help to the homeless, and so forth. It's for equal protection as well."

Actually, Senator Kirk, it’s directed at faith-based organizations like the KKK. But I guess as long as those faith-based groups are allowed to discriminate against the n***ers and the f***ots, then Greg Kirk doesn’t have a problem.

But Georgia does.


the dogs' mother said...

oh my! feels like a time warp.

anne marie in philly said...

this state is disgusting!

Sadie J said...

It's hoped the voters see the redundancy of the man and make sure he doesn't get re-elected. (although that probably is hoping for too much.)

Sadie J said...

yeah, it's been a long day. that was supposed to be repugnancy. (long, long day)

Bob said...

Well, he's always hateful so he redundantly repugbant!

Frank said...

Vigilance! We are losing ground in so many places and if a Repulsivan gets elected we will really be set back years.

Wonder Man said...


Fearsome Beard said...

Is it me? Is Georgia starting to smell?
Unfortunately that smelly infection is spreading to surrounding areas.