Friday, July 10, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Anderson Cooper, CNN, blasting _____ for his asshatted assertion that the U.S. is “in a good place” when it comes to COVID-19:

“[W]e’re in a good place? Those are his actual words. I didn’t actually believe it when I first heard it, but it’s on tape. California, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas on Tuesday shattered their previous daily record highs for new cases. The biggest jumps occurred in Texas and California, the two largest U.S. states, with more than 10,000 each. [But] the man whose every decision is based on what will get him reelected, what will energize his base and appeal to people’s most primal fears, is saying that governors and school officials don’t want schools open because of politics, because it benefits them politically. … There is no political benefit keeping schools closed and kids upset and parents angry and parents unable to work because their kids are stuck at home. Oh, yeah, politically that’s going to serve you really well by doing that. Even as new modeling from the University of Washington today forecasts 208,000 people in this country may be dead of COVID-19 by Election Day. Which the president still does not seem to think is all that bad. Because he is still repeating the same falsehoods as ever about testing and mortality, which fell for a while, but is once again sadly, sickeningly, ticking up. … We’re so deep down a well of lies it’s hard to realize how dark this is.”

The Occupant of the White House is so desperate not to be seen as a loser in November that he is willing to watch people die.
And if Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen can be let out of prison because of the horrors of COVID how is putting children back in schools considered safe?
Peter Navarro, White House economic advisor and asshat, saying—without a stitch of evidence—that the Chinese Communist Party “spawned” coronavirus in a lab and then sent infected citizens to “seed” COVID-19 in the U.S:

“They spawned the virus. They hid the virus. They sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals over here to seed and spread the virus before we knew. The dateline is November. They spawned the virus, probably came out of the biological lab. For two months, they hid the virus from the world and the possibility of a pandemic, behind the shield of the World Health Organization. While they did that, they vacuumed up the world’s protective equipment, including 2 billion masks. While they were preventing any domestic travels from Wuhan to Beijing or Shanghai, locking down their transportation network, they freely sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals on aircraft to go around the world. …They deliberately allowed Chinese nationals to come to the United States, Italy, and everywhere in between, who were infected, while they were locking down their own transportation network.”

How is it that these so-called officials can blatantly lie about the virus? And, let’s say China did create the virus and spread it around the world… please explain how the rest of the world has flattened the curve while ours skyrockets.
Adam Perry, hot gay Broadway actor and dancer, on suffering from symptoms of COVID-19 four months after being diagnosed:

“It’s quite terrifying to be honest. There’s nothing like the feeling of not being able to breathe. It’s not like getting the flu or a cold virus, where you start getting better after a few days, and your trajectory is on the way up. With this thing, I would feel better for a few days, and then it would just come and smack me again. In the very beginning, I had two days of symptoms, and then I felt like a million bucks for three days, so I thought I was off the hook, I thought I had beat it, but then it came back with a vengeance. I’ve been doing eight shows a week for 15, 20 years. I’ve been doing eight-minute tap dance numbers. My lungs have always been great. But now the capacity is not the same, and I’m just praying daily that they’ll get back to normal and I’ll be able to do those things again. I cried watching the news … Cases are spiking. The president makes jokes about coronavirus. People shame others for wearing masks. The country is making it a partisan issue. It’s not a partisan issue, it’s a human issue, we have to take care of each other. It really is about teamwork with this thing, and we all have to come together, wear a mask, socially distance for as long as we can until there’s a vaccine, because this thing has an infinite variable of outcomes for people. There’s short term, long term, and we just don’t know, so it’s just really important that people take care of each other, and I just really don’t want other people to have to experience what I experienced.”

From the mouth of a victim … listen.
Laura Ingraham, stoking fear because she’s a White Supremacist and that’s how they roll:

“Some folks are still trying to pretend that all of this mayhem will stop if we just let the Democrats have the White House. Well, we have the Democrats in power in Atlanta, in Chicago, in New York, in Baltimore and beyond and beyond. What’s happened? So, this thinking is foolish and naive. The Democrats have shown they’re utterly unwilling to restrain the hard left from seizing property and committing violence. And as for the culture wars, why would the radicals stop when they think they are winning? So, ignore the folks who say that it just gets better when we let the Democrats have more power. The only way this situation gets better is for Democrats to lose, and lose so often that they are forced to apologize for their relentless slandering of our nation’s history, and by extension, the majority of our citizens who still unapologetically love this country and still believe that it’s worth celebrating.”

People like Ingraham and Carlson and _____ stoke fear and hate in this country and then point the finger at those trying to fix the problem.
People like Ingraham and Carlson and _____ are the problem.
John Kennedy, GOP Senator from Louisiana, saying Americans should build a fallout shelter if Joe Biden wins the presidency.

 “Well, the vice president says he will transform America. He will. And the American people will pay a fearsome price. His foreign policy is hugs and hot cocoa for America’s enemies. If he’s elected, my advice to you is to build a fallout shelter. Build a fallout shelter. You’ll need it. Weakness invites the wolves. His domestic policy, he wants you—he wants all of us to surrender our money and our freedom, every bit of it, to Washington.”

Perhaps we can all hide in the bunker _____ uses to hide from scary people?
Siddown, asshat.
Bubba Wallace, NASCAR drive, asking Americans to meet hate with love after _____ falsely accused him of carrying out a "hoax" involving a noose found in his garage stall:

“Your words and actions will always be held to a higher standard than others. You have to be prepared for that. You don’t learn these things in school. You learn them from trials and tribulations, the ups and downs this crazy world provides. You will always have people testing you. Seeing if they can knock you off your pedestal. I encourage you to keep your head held high and walk proudly on the path you have chosen. Never let anybody tell you [you] can’t do something! God put us all here for a reason. Find that reason and be proud of it and work your tails off every day towards it! All the haters are doing is elevating your voice and platform to much greater heights! Last thing, always deal with the hate being thrown at you with LOVE! Love over hate every day. Love should some naturally as people are TAUGHT to hate. Even when it’s HATE from the POTUS. Love wins”

HATE from POTUS! Preach, Bubba.
_____, Racist-In-Chief, n Confederate Flag:

“My stance is very simple: It’s freedom of speech. You do what you do. It’s freedom of speech. NASCAR can do whatever they want, and they’ve chosen to go a certain way, other people choose to go a different route.”

But you said it wasn’t Free Speech when Kaepernick took a knee, so it appears that it’s only Free Speech to _____ when it’s also Hate Speech.


the dogs' mother said...


take care, xoxo :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

Peter Navarro is partly right in that November saw coronavirus on its first outing. In November my niece on a visit to Japan where she met a Chinese girl on holiday. Once home my niece had some flu-like symptoms but Christmas saw my sister-in-law in A&E with symptoms we now know to be those of Covid-19. She was not alone, there were several people there with the same symptoms and confusing the nurses (one of whom is a friend of mine) and doctors. But created by China? I know Xi is a tyrant who cares nothing for those he rules over, but China is buying up the world, it doesn't need to conquer by disease. Apart from anything else, there is a miniscule possibility of Xi getting Covid-19 but I would wager that he wouldn't be prepared to risk even a 0.0001% chance.

anne marie in philly said...

anderson & bubba & adam - PREACH!
the rest of the asshats can STFU and die of COVID-19!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Anderson always delivers a point so smoothly...
As for the GOP propaganda machine, it's incredible how they try to spin everything. Blame, deflection, lies. Cheeto did allow them to become the party of con men.
Bubba has so much spirit. I would not even WORK for NASCAR, let alone be the only black driver. They did show up for him though.

Adam is right. COVID-19 is insidious and dangerous. Not only for what it does when it shows up but because of what it does when it goes away. The damage done to the body is sometimes irreparable. That's what scares me most about it...


Michael said...

I love how Anderson Cooper pulls apart everything Trump says, and refutes it. Great post.

Deedles said...

I'm going to be shallow, Bobulah, because I have to be. Adam Perry is FINE! I can't with the serious today.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Things are degenerating daily in the USA.

Dave R said...

Carlson, Ingraham, Kennedy, and the Idiot Jerk are a dying breed thanks to evolution, something none of them believe in.

Sheila Morris said...

Oh Bob, I am so furious about clemency by Agent Orange for another one of all the president's thugmen Roger Stone I almost didn't read your post tonight. Thank goodness I did - you had a bevy of beauts in yours today - honest to God, you are a voice of necessary reason in the midst of a superfund of stupidity.
Bravo, my friend!